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Correct calibration essential to accurate Breathalyzer results

Things begin to get a bit festive this time of year in Louisiana. Colleges are winding down their semesters with finals, and students are beginning to filter out the doors, back to their respective home states and onto summer vacations. Weather is typically warming up, which naturally draws many more people outdoors than in colder months. Tourists are often traveling to and through the state, and local schools are hosting proms and graduations that create heavy traffic patterns and other potential driving issues.

When you least expect it, you may find yourself in trouble with the law if you get into a traffic accident after one of these or another occasion, or you enjoy a glass of champagne or other alcoholic beverage and are then accused of drunk driving during a traffic stop. Such incidents can quickly change joyful events to living nightmares.

Louisiana woman will need strong criminal defense

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry spoke about elder care after a recent incident involving a Social Services director. The woman is accused of stealing substantial amounts of money from residents of a retirement home where she worked. The attorney general said the state works very hard to protect its elderly citizens and the infirm, and it is disappointing to think someone might take advantage of them in a financial fraud scheme.

The 49-year-old woman who is also a resident of this state is accused of conducting several schemes over an approximately four-year period in order to obtain personal financial gain. There are at least 15 counts against her for stealing assets from an elderly or disabled person. She is also charged with forgery, money laundering and exploitation of people who suffer infirmities. 

Estate planning documents vary, but here are the top 4

Executing a plan for protecting your assets and providing for your loved ones' future is a process that is highly customizable. Estate planning is a topic many Lake Charles residents avoid, while others understand its many benefits and begin as early as possible to prepare their own plans. Doing so often includes seeking guidance from experienced probate and administration attorneys.

A person may need one, two or many documents in their estate plans. It's an individual decision that can be designed to address whatever issues are most important to the estate owner. For instance, most people choose to include a will in their plans as doing without often leads to stressful situations for family members when the time comes to administer their estates.

Exploring criminal defense options in Lake Charles

Residents in Lake Charles or other Louisiana areas who find themselves facing legal problems are often left feeling worried and unsure where to turn for help. Although winding up in a situation that requires aggressive criminal defense does not necessarily mean one has committed a crime, carefully exploring all available options and acting alongside experienced guidance in choosing how best to proceed in court is often key toward obtaining a positive outcome. Whether you've been accused of drunk driving, drug possession or another criminal offense, half the battle is knowing how to connect with appropriate sources of help.

Being accused of a crime has a way of immediately impacting one's life in a negative way. On both personal and professional levels, criminal charges may impede your ability to function in a successful manner. Drunk driving, and drug-related charges specifically, may place your reputation at stake, not to mention the fact that such charges also threaten personal freedom.

Nike's "Just Do It" slogan relates to estate planning

Lake Charles farmers may be among many other business owners in the nation who believe succession plans are crucial toward their families' well-beings. However, for whatever reasons, many are hesitant to consider estate planning as a most viable tool in developing a secure plan. Procrastination often gets the best of many Louisiana farmers, and some say it's all about simply making up one's mind to do something, then doing it.

Some people avoid the topic of estate planning like the plague because they don't like to think about their own mortality. Others say they want to wait until the government makes up its mind regarding various tax issues or other laws that may affect their estates. The fact is that tax laws are always changing; therefore, it doesn't make much sense to await some sort of "final decision" the government is not likely ever going to make.

District attorney fighting hard in drunk driving case

A particular district attorney in Louisiana is fighting hard against a woman involved in a current court case. She's accused of drunk driving and was released from jail after posting a $126,000 bond. This option is often part of the adjudication process in Lake Charles and throughout the state, and those set with bonds are free to go when they fulfill payment.

However, the DA in this situation was apparently not happy about that arrangement at all, even though the woman merely acted in accordance with what was allowed by law. The DA is requesting that her bond either be raised or revoked, so she must stay behind bars. He said the reason he wants the woman in jail is because she already has multiple DUI arrests on her record.

3 factors that could lead to aggravated DUI charges

As you know, if you have drunk driving charges brought against you and convictions for those charges take place, you could face serious repercussions. Your life could endure effects on various levels from criminal to personal to professional. Even with relatively minor DUI charges, the consequences could leave you needing to rebuild certain areas of your life.

Of course, your situation could become even more difficult if authorities believe that aggravating factors applied to your case. Aggravated DUI charges can come with more severe punishments if the court finds you guilty. Therefore, you may wish to understand what conditions could lead to this upgraded allegation.

Charges may upgrade in this alleged drunk driving situation

Some drivers in Louisiana are under certain restrictions. For instance, motorists may be required to wear correct lenses when they get behind the wheel. Others are allowed to drive, but only once interlock devices have been installed in their vehicles. This was the case for one young woman, who has since been accused of tampering with the device and causing a drunk driving accident.

Interlock devices are mechanisms that render a vehicle inoperable, unless the driver takes a breath test using the device and the results are negative. Then, the vehicle will start. Authorities say the 28-year-old woman involved in this situation tampered with the interlock system in her vehicle, just before she was involved in a multiple vehicle collision.

Many adult children unhappy with their parents' estate planning

In Lake Charles and other areas of Louisiana, a surprising number of people (as appears to be the case throughout the nation) fail to protect their assets and secure financial stability for their loved ones in the event of their own deaths. Dying with no will in place can cause an avalanche of problems for adult children and other family members. Beyond the fact that many Americans simply pay no mind to estate planning, those who do often leave behind loved ones who are quite unhappy with how they chose to distribute their assets.

A solid estate plan typically includes more documents than a simple will. A carefully designed plan often includes a power of attorney, advanced health care directives and one or more trusts. However, final wills are the documents that seem to stir the most contention among adult children of elderly parents.

Don't let drunk driving charges drive your future into a ditch

Every state, including Louisiana, has specific traffic laws that govern what motorists may and may not do behind the wheel. Some situations can also result in criminal charges (rather than traffic violations), such as when a police officer suspects a person of drunk driving. A traffic stop can quickly go from being a relatively minor problem that is easily rectified to something much more serious. In fact, your entire future may be at stake if you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Lake Charles, especially if the situation is connected to a motor vehicle accident where another person was injured or killed.

Knowing what the laws are ahead of time may help you avoid problems. Clearly, the best way to prevent DWI charges is to abstain from alcohol if you plan on driving a car. This is not to say, however, that anytime you merely have a glass of wine or a beer with friends, you are committing a crime if you do drive yourself or someone else home.

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