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Louisiana fisherman likely thinking about criminal defense

Shrimpers in Louisiana are legally obligated to adhere to certain regulations regarding their vessels, nets, etc. when heading out on waterways to fish. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries often conducts routine inspections to make sure boaters are following the rules. Such an inspection didn't go so well for one man recently, who is now facing serious drug charges and likely searching for criminal defense support.

Criminal defense problems can arise in a snap

The saying that one thing leads to another couldn't have been truer for two men in Louisiana on a recent Sunday. They were on a boat in Terrebonne Parish when authorities confronted them regarding some red snapping turtles that authorities say trying to sell. There are strict regulations about such things, and not only do officials say the two men did not adhere to the rules, they've also accused them of drug crimes as well.

Louisiana woman will need strong criminal defense

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry spoke about elder care after a recent incident involving a Social Services director. The woman is accused of stealing substantial amounts of money from residents of a retirement home where she worked. The attorney general said the state works very hard to protect its elderly citizens and the infirm, and it is disappointing to think someone might take advantage of them in a financial fraud scheme.

Exploring criminal defense options in Lake Charles

Residents in Lake Charles or other Louisiana areas who find themselves facing legal problems are often left feeling worried and unsure where to turn for help. Although winding up in a situation that requires aggressive criminal defense does not necessarily mean one has committed a crime, carefully exploring all available options and acting alongside experienced guidance in choosing how best to proceed in court is often key toward obtaining a positive outcome. Whether you've been accused of drunk driving, drug possession or another criminal offense, half the battle is knowing how to connect with appropriate sources of help.

The legal limit: how low will states go?

For more than a decade, a blood alcohol content of .08 has been the legal limit throughout the United States. While penalties for driving under the influence have always varied across the country, until recently you could at least travel out of state and know the legal limit was the same as at home.

Having trouble seeking employment after a conviction?

Were you arrested, charged with a crime, such as DUI or assault, convicted then served a sentence following a trial in a Louisiana court? If so, you're certainly not the first and will not be the last. No two situations are the exactly the same and there are even situations where police errors or other glitches in the system lead to convictions that should never have occurred.

Family facing serious criminal defense situation in Louisiana

A mother and her sons in Louisiana are facing some serious drug charges, as well as additional charges related to animal cruelty. The situation unfolded when police went to their residence in January. They had apparently just arrested one of the young men on suspicion of methamphetamine distribution. Lake Charles attorneys often deal with these types of criminal defense situations.

Text plus wrong number equals criminal defense problem

Many residents in Lake Charles are like others throughout Louisiana and the nation who enjoy reading humorous memes on various social network sites. Some of the funniest feature screen shots of mistyped text messages, which at times have proved quite embarrassing for senders, recipients or both. Not as common, but perhaps more worrisome, are misdirected texts; in fact, one such situation recently led to a man's sudden need for criminal defense assistance.

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