Lake Charles Agricultural Law Lawyer

Louisiana Agriculture Farm Business Attorney

Our Lake Charles law firm is extensively involved in counseling local farmers and ranchers on questions relating to agricultural law. Our attorneys have substantial experience working on issues of special concern to commercial agricultural ventures.

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, we don't just offer our clients the benefit of our knowledge of business law. We also offer clients the opportunity to work with lawyers who understand agriculture, not just business. Over the years, we have worked with farmers and ranchers. Our practical experience is complemented by the newest addition to our team of attorneys, Dan Lorenzi who holds a bachelor of science degree in agriculture, is a certified farrier and with Tom Lorenzi, run a commercial herd of beef cattle.

Practical and Cost-Efficient Legal Help With Agricultural Law Questions

Agricultural law covers a broad spectrum of issues. When you think about the questions that ranchers and farmers face on a daily basis, consider how helpful it would be to have advice on those questions from lawyers with extensive agricultural law experience.

We have helped our farm and ranch clients resolve issues like:

  • Disputes over stock inventory, which sometimes require a court order to round up and count a herd
  • Estate planning for farms and ranches, which means finding a way for the business to continue as an ongoing enterprise and answering questions about whether the land can—and should—be divided
  • Valuation of cattle, horses, crops and land—whether in preparation for sale or as part of an estate planning process
  • Allegations of criminal insurance fraud after hurricanes or other natural disasters
  • Criminal investigations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Boundary and fence disputes
  • Conflicts over rights of way, mineral leases and pipelines

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