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How does life insurance factor into your estate planning?

Life insurance can play an important role in planning for the future. This is why many people in Lake Charles choose to include life insurance in their estate planning process, but which type is best? Not everyone understands that there are different types of life insurance, each with their own pros and cons that should be carefully considered before moving forward.

Term life insurance is perhaps one of the most affordable types and can be appropriate in certain situations. For example, a parent with minor children may choose a term life insurance policy with coverage for anywhere from five to 20 years. This insurance policy would cover certain expenses for the child should the parent pass away, and the limit on its term would mean that parents are only paying for coverage while their children are still minors.

Criminal defense: 3 arrested for iPhone theft

An alleged theft involving thousands of dollars' worth of iPhones led police in Louisiana to arrest three men. All three men were charged with theft, simple burglary and simple criminal damage, while one of the three is also charged with two counts of fugitive from justice. These are serious criminal charges, and Lake Charles defendants who are in similar situations may want to consider taking a proactive approach to their criminal defense.

Police believe that the three men broke into a Best Buy through a side door at around 11 p.m. in late March 2018. After entering the store, they allegedly broke open a cabinet containing cell phones. They are accused of filling a trash can with 119 iPhones, which were valued at over $110,000. By the time police responded to the store's burglar alarm, there was no one there.

Can you trust the machine that measures your BAC?

Your recent arrest for driving while intoxicated may have been a startling wakeup call. Perhaps you are in the habit of driving home after having a beer or two, and you never thought you were legally impaired. Nonetheless, the results of your breath test showed your blood alcohol concentration to be .08, which, according to Louisiana's per se laws, is all that is necessary for authorities to presume you are impaired.

What you may not realize is that the test police administer to obtain the measure of your BAC may not always be accurate. If officers have encouraged you to accept the consequences for your offense simply based on your breath test, you may wish to have a legal opinion before you take any further steps.

Can I use estate planning to provide for my special needs child?

Leaving behind an inheritance is usually an important aspect of creating an estate plan. For parents with children who have special needs, the focus might shift away from an inheritance and toward finding a way to provide long-lasting financial support. Most Lake Charles parents can accomplish this through a careful approach to estate planning.

Many -- although not all -- adults living with special needs receive government benefits. These benefits can provide anything from housing to a supplemental income to medical care. If these adults receive a large lump sum from their parent's estate, benefits that have an income threshold will be discontinued, leaving individuals with no choice but to exhaust their new financial resources until their income level once again meets the requirement for benefits.

Police arrest man accused of causing drunk driving wreck

Louisiana police say they arrested a man who allegedly collided with a police cruiser in Lake Charles. Authorities filed multiple charges against the driver, including at least one for drunk driving. The State Police trooper who was involved in the accident did not suffer any serious injuries.

The collision happened at approximately 5:30 a.m. At that time, the trooper had parked his vehicle on I-210's shoulder and had activated his emergency lights. He was apparently working a detail for traffic safety at the time, but it is unclear what this entailed or whether the trooper was in the vehicle when the driver allegedly veered out of his lane.

Is it time to perform some estate planning housekeeping?

Creating an estate plan is an essential step for adults in Lake Charles. However, the sense of accomplishment that comes from crafting a good plan can lull some people into sense of complacency. Rather than letting wills collect dust year after year, individuals should be sure to re-evaluate their estate planning needs on a regular basis. Here are a few situations in which a person might need to do a bit of estate plan housekeeping.

Getting married can be an all-consuming process. From finding the right dress to getting all of the invitations out on time, soon-to-be married couples might not find time for much else in the months leading up the big day. However, once they have tied the knot, it is time to revisit estate planning. This is also an opportune time for newlyweds to discuss their financial goals for the future and estate planning wishes, including things like end-of-life care.

Have identity theft allegations come as a shock to you?

If Louisiana police suspect that you committed a criminal act, you may wonder what that will mean for you. In many cases, suspected criminal activity leads to serious charges, and as a result, you may find yourself in need of important information relating to the allegations, your defense options and the legal proceedings ahead.

If authorities charge you for identity theft, you face a serious predicament. This allegation means that law enforcement officials suspect that you used someone else's identifying information for personal gain. The charges may come as a shock to you, but that does not mean that you do not have to handle them appropriately.

Estate planning: what are the benefits of a revocable trust?

While no two people in Lake Charles are alike, things like wills, trusts and more can all be used to meet each individual's unique needs. Revocable trusts are especially effective in this respect, as they can help address a variety of concerns. When used in conjunction with other estate planning documents, these trusts can round out a person's plan and ensure that his or her wishes are carried out to the fullest.

Revocable trusts are especially appealing since, as the name implies, they can be changed or revoked entirely. This changes upon the grantor's death, when the trust becomes irrevocable. Since no one else can come along and make changes after his or her death, the trustee will manage the assets in the trust according to the grantor's wishes and the beneficiaries receive their intended inheritances as planned. In short, a revocable trust can be changed during its creator's lifetime but not after.

2-vehicle wreck leads to drunk driving charges

Several people were injured in a recent two-vehicle accident. According to Louisiana police, the wreck was caused by a driver who they believe was under the influence of alcohol at the time. He has since been charged for drunk driving in addition to several other offenses. Although it is only his first DWI offense, even a first-time charge can have serious consequences for people in Lake Charles.

The crash occurred on US Hwy 167 at approximately 10:30 p.m. Authorities believe that the allegedly intoxicated driver was driving southbound in his truck just before the collision. For reasons that are not clear, the driver of the pickup truck struck a Jeep from behind.

Importance of powers of attorney in elder law

Those who care for aging loved ones understand that doing so will not always be easy. Although those who take on the responsibility of being a caregiver generally do not do so because they expect it to be a breeze, most can still take steps to make things somewhat easier. Utilizing various aspects of elder law, such as powers of attorney, can help ensure that individuals in Lake Charles are able to provide the best possible care.

Encouraging a relative to create various powers of attorney can be important in these types of situations. An especially important type is the health care power of attorney. These give an individual the right to make medical decisions on behalf of another person -- in this case on behalf of an aging loved one. Even if that relative has a living will, it cannot possibly cover every potential medical issue. The person named in the power of attorney can ensure that both the wishes within the living will are upheld and that any additional medical decisions fall as close as possible to the patient's wishes.

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