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Estate administration mistakes could cause complications

Though the passing of your loved one has likely had a considerable impact on your life, you may still feel his or her presence for some time. In fact, as the executor of the estate, you may need to act directly on behalf of the decedent in order to ensure that his or her final wishes are carried out properly. Though this task can prove trying, you may feel that it could bring you a greater sense of emotional closure as you go through the process of closing the estate.

Estate administration can have its challenges. Hopefully, your family member discussed the idea of your being executor before his or her passing and you felt keen to take on the position. As a result, you may have already taken some measures to prepare for the duties you will need to carry out. However, keeping common administration mistakes in mind may help you avoid unnecessary complications.

Bourbon Street visit leads to need for criminal defense

Louisiana is a high traffic tourist area, especially during Mardi Gras and New Years. Not all visits to the area go smoothly, however. This appears evident in the case of one man who wound up needing a criminal defense after managers of a particular business asked him to vacate the premises, but he supposedly refused and wound up being searched and charged with drug crimes.

Police say they got a call some time after midnight reporting a person who was acting as though he was intoxicated in a Bourbon Street business establishment. The caller also stated that the man was asked to leave the building but would not do so. Officers were dispatched to the scene to checks things out.

Estate planning review good habit for a new year

Many Louisiana residents have certain routines they follow when it comes to home maintenance and/or financial planning. For instance, it's not uncommon for people to mark dates on their calendars when they plan to wash all the windows in their homes or undertake other major, annual cleaning projects. Rotating tires on vehicles is another task that it often finds it way onto people's annual to-do lists. What about estate planning, however?

Many people cringe at the very mention of this phrase. Some simply prefer to avoid any topic related to their own mortality. Others fear that the estate planning process is a highly complicated, stressful endeavor they hope to put off as long as possible.

Freedom at risk for Louisiana woman re drunk driving charge

A 36-year-old woman in Louisiana is facing serious criminal charges following a recent motor vehicle collision that resulted in multiple fatalities on Christmas Eve. The woman was reportedly driving one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Police claim the crash was caused by drunk driving.

Two vehicles collided, resulting in a fire on impact. There was a child involved who was reportedly trapped inside the car following the crash. The child was later pronounced dead, as was his mother who had been traveling with him and his father when the accident occurred.

Your criminal record may block many paths

Finding a job is hard enough, even when everything is going your way. If you made top grades in high school, went on to get your degree and have connections with influential people, you may have no problems landing a position that could set you up for the rest of your life. Not many people have those benefits, so even the smallest disadvantage may work against them.

If you are facing criminal charges, you may discover that a conviction on your record can be much more than a small disadvantage. In fact, a criminal conviction may eliminate you from eligibility for many attractive jobs.

Criminal defense will likely be key factor for woman charged

A man in Louisiana was shot several times by a police officer. In fact, one account of the incident is that the officer shot at the man at least six times, with three bullets hitting him. The man did not survive his injuries, and his girlfriend has been arrested and will likely need a strong criminal defense to fight the charge of attempted first-degree murder leveled against her in conjunction with the incident.

The man and the woman were reportedly involved in a romantic relationship. They had told someone they planned to go frog hunting together that night. At some point, a police officer stopped them as they were riding along on an all terrain vehicle.

Drunk driving charges do not necessarily lead to conviction

If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Louisiana or any other state, you must be given full due process of the law. Any violation of personal rights or faulty evidence may either play in your favor at trial or result in a complete dismissal of your case by the court. Drunk driving convictions, in particular, can carry severe penalties; therefore, knowing your rights and how to access support to obtain help in fighting against such charges may increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

Just because you face drunk driving charges does not automatically mean you will also be convicted. Let's say the police officer who pulled you over administered a Breathalyzer test to you at the scene. There are all sorts of issues that could cause the results of such a test to be inaccurate.

Estate planning dispute: How much cash did the bread man have?

It's always unfortunate when loved ones argue after the head of a family and benefactor passes away. The estate planning process is often a means to avoid such disputes, especially if an estate owner was thorough and exact in the execution of a particular plan. Even when an estate plan exists, however, it does not always keep disagreements from arising among Louisiana families or others.

A highly acrimonious situation in another state is a prime example. In this case, a woman who was only married to her now-deceased husband for a little more than a year is battling her stepchildren, her husband's former business associate and others for what she claims should be her share of his estate. The decedent was a well-known entrepreneur who built a successful local bakery establishment and often funded the campaigns of local politicians.

Criminal defense assistance may be sought even without charges

When a Louisiana resident becomes aware that he or she is suspected of illegal activity and is the subject of a police investigation, it is typically a good time to seek legal support. A criminal defense attorney can be contacted long before any charges are filed. This may be what three people who were apprehended in a recent drug raid may decide to do as all were arrested but do not yet face formal criminal charges.

The situation unfolded when police searched the home of one of the suspects. Shortly thereafter, a military bomb squad was called to the scene. This is because investigators who were searching the premises say they found part of a military ordnance inside the home.

The dangers of generosity without a plan

As you grow older, you may hear more often of the importance of creating an estate plan. The many benefits of estate planning include making your wishes known and leaving a nice gift for your loved ones. You may have seen news stories about people who failed to write a will, and their heirs were left to fight and scrap over their inheritances.

You certainly don't want this to happen to your Louisiana family, so you may have already decided how to distribute your assets. However, have you considered the consequences of your gifts?

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