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Louisiana residents can customize the estate planning process

One certainty about life is that change is inevitable. While many Louisiana residents may be creatures of habit, perhaps hoping their lives will stay as much the same as possible for years to come, others thrive on adventure and also on change. When it comes to estate planning, the idea of change causes some people to hesitate when considering their plans because they mistakenly believe that once an estate plan is filed, it is permanent.

The reality is that the estate planning process is highly customizable. An estate owner is able to makes changes or updates to an existing plan, as needed. For instance, if a marriage, birth or death occurs, the situation may impact various aspects of an estate plan. In such cases, an estate owner can seek assistance to rewrite one or more documents to reflect the changes that have taken place.

Need elder law support regarding nursing home abuse incident?

A family in another state is currently navigating the litigation process regarding a situation involving an elderly member of the family who was living in a particular nursing home at the time. The elder law situation pertains to injuries the patient suffered that his family believes were caused by physical abuse. One family member has produced video footage evidence to help substantiate his claim. Louisiana residents with family members in nursing homes may want to follow this case.

The situation began when the elderly man's son noticed unexplained bruises on his father's body. He wanted to see what was happening in his father's room when he was not there visiting him, so he installed a camera that looked like an alarm clock in the room. The man said he was absolutely horrified when he reviewed the surveillance videos and witnessed workers abusing his father.

Drunk driving in Louisiana meets new Facebook campaign

Police in one Louisiana town are trying a new approach to discourage impaired driving. In addition to jail time and fines, people arrested for drunk driving may now face a new consequence: Facebook shame. Police reportedly hope to discourage potential offenders by announcing DWI arrests on the social media platform each week.

While some people seem to agree that the new weekly postings will help deter drunk driving, others are not so quick to click the "like" button. The page promises to list names and locations of all persons arrested for driving while intoxicated, regardless of whether or not they are convicted. In the age of social media, being featured on such a page can affect more than just pride.

Louisiana card game leaves 2 preparing criminal defense

Many people in Louisiana enjoy spending time in card rooms. In a casino near New Orleans, a round of cards ended with casino and state police investigators reviewing video surveillance of the game. Following their review, they accused the dealer and a player of cheating. This is now an active case in the criminal justice system where both men are likely focused on preparing a criminal defense.

The situation unfolded as a seemingly typical game of cards. The dealer shuffled a couple times, and the game wound up being won as a bad beat jackpot. This is a gambling term used to describe a situation where a player holding a very low hand to start winds up beating a betting player with a strong hand that was likely to win.

Elder law incident leads to arrest of two nursing home workers

When elderly parents of adult children in Louisiana live in nursing homes, it's not uncommon for those children to worry whether their loved ones are receiving proper care from staff members. It's not possible for an adult child to be with his or her parent 24/7, which is often a key factor that necessitates assisted living arrangements to begin with. When elder law problems arise involving substandard care or abuse in nursing homes, it can be very emotionally upsetting for all involved.

An incident in another state began when family members of an 89-year-old installed a secret surveillance camera in his room because they were concerned about the quality of care he was receiving in the nursing home where he lived. The family later said footage on films taken in their loved one's room shows two women physically and mentally abusing the man. They reported the alleged incidents to nursing home officials, who then called police in to investigate the situation.

Elements that lead to DUI arrest may play into your defense

Though you may do your best to remain safe on the road, anyone can make a mistake. If you have one too many drinks and get behind the wheel -- or if an officer just thinks you had too many drinks -- you could end up in a serious legal predicament. Even if you do not feel intoxicated or believe that your abilities were impaired, you could still face a DUI charge if an officer feels it applicable to the situation.

Of course, law enforcement officials cannot simply charge you for drunk driving without cause. Many factors can go into determining whether a DUI charge suited your particular circumstances. You may wish to gain a better idea of what these factors are and how they could potentially play into your criminal defense.

When estate planning includes assets that are later stolen

Not every Louisiana estate owner dies with all financial and other personal affairs neatly organized and set for the estate administration process. Then again, some who do execute thorough estate planning actions still wind up leaving family members with complicated problems to resolve. An estate executor for former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis's first cousin is currently entangled in such circumstances, claiming that the owner of a particular art gallery is in possession of a portrait that is rightfully owned by his aunt's estate.

It appears that Onassis's father commissioned her portrait when she was approximately age 19. When her father died, he bequeathed the portrait to his sister. After her death and upon the deathbed of her daughter, a nephew who was slated as her estate executor was told that the portrait had been stolen in a burglary that the family never reported to local authorities.

Don't get stuck in a drunk driving predicament

It is every driver's responsibility to know the laws in the state where he or she is driving. It's also a good idea to become familiar with information regarding alcohol consumption and how it can affect different people in different ways. Arming oneself with appropriate information before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Louisiana may be the best means for avoiding a drunk driving conviction.

Some people mistakenly believe that ordering one type alcohol over another can help keep blood alcohol content levels low. The fact is that most general types of alcoholic beverages contain similar percentages of alcohol, so if the goal is to avoid DUI charges, this type of plan may backfire. However, understanding the relationship between food consumption and alcohol intake may be useful.

An estate planning tool that provides a grantor with a way out

Overall, more people will likely die in Louisiana without ever signing final estate documents than those who execute solid plans ahead of time. Why this is remains a mystery, although some people simply do not like to discuss matters associated with their own mortality. Others understand the importance of estate planning but procrastinate or hesitate because they aren't sure where to turn for help in navigating the process.

A basic estate planning tool that isn't too complex is a revocable living trust. This is a good place to start if someone wants to begin building a secure estate plan. Revocable means this type of trust can be modified or changed as needed, which is a key benefit that makes it favorable over irrevocable trusts for some people. The latter relinquishes the grantor's ownership of property and cannot be changed once signed.

What type of criminal defense works best to fight drug charges?

It's logical to assume that one of the last ways most Louisiana residents want to start their new year is by facing serious drug charges in court. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, merely being charged with a drug crime can cause great harm to a person's reputation and standing in a community. There are at least four people (and likely many more) who clearly understand this as they prepare to defend themselves regarding their recent arrests.

A reported drug bust went down on a recent Wednesday. Law enforcement agents from various Louisiana departments were apparently combining efforts to serve three separate arrest warrants. While doing so, officers wound up arresting four, not three, people. The defendants range in ages from 19 to 44.

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