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Father facing criminal charges for obscene language

A father claims that police in Louisiana arrested him for disciplining his young son. Authorities deny that this was the case and instead say that he was disturbing the peace, for which he is facing criminal charges. He is also charged with using obscene language for using curse words when speaking with his child.

The father says that everything started when he and his wife went to Walmart with their children one evening. After he parked the family's vehicle, his 4-year-old son almost hit a truck when opening the door. The dad cursed when he told his son to not open the door like that. However, a police officer was in the truck at the time, and he told the father that he could not curse in public or talk to his child in such a manner. The father replied that the officer was not in a position to tell him how to speak to his son.

Estate planning -- it's more than wills

Making a plan for the future is important, and creating an estate plan is just one part of that. This is why some people in Lake Charles are proactive when it comes to creating wills. But estate planning can -- and often should -- involve much more. Here are just a few components that can help round out a comprehensive estate plan.

An estate plan should address two things, the first being how a person's assets be distributed upon his or her death. It should also include instructions for medical and financial decisions should someone be unable to handle these on his or her own. A will might be enough for dealing with assets after death, although it can certainly fall short in certain areas. Having a will alone is also not enough to handle important decisions regarding health care and money.

Mardi Gras accident ends in drunk driving charge

A recent pedestrian accident ended with the arrest of the man behind the wheel. Police in Louisiana charged him with drunk driving and vehicular negligent injuring in addition to a number of other criminal charges. Both the driver and the pedestrian were injured.

Authorities say that the accident took place at 7:30 p.m. during Mardi Gras, when a woman who was crossing a street was struck by a vehicle. In addition to possibly being intoxicated at the time of the wreck, he was also accused of not having his headlights on, not having proof of insurance or a driver's license. Emergency responders transported the woman to an area hospital where she was listed in serious condition. Bystanders who witnessed the collision said it looked as if she might have broken one of her legs.

Divorcing or recently divorced? Update your estate plan

When you created your estate plan, you probably made many decisions with your spouse in mind. The two of you may have even created a joint plan, or you may have created separate plans but worked on them together. Whatever the case, you likely wanted your spouse to receive the majority of your remaining assets and wanted him or her to make important decisions for you in the event that you could not decide for yourself.

However, you and your spouse recently divorced or are going through divorce, and now you no longer want him or her to have a claim to your assets or to be the one making vital medical or financial decisions on your behalf. Fortunately, you can -- and should -- update your estate plan after a divorce to ensure that it reflects your current wishes.

Where trusts fit in estate planning

A will is a very important estate planning document that virtually every adult in Lake Charles should have. But what about trusts? People often think that a will is enough to meet their needs and not give estate planning another thought. Here are some benefits people miss out on when they choose to not use trusts.

Wills have to go through a legal process called probate before any assets can be distributed to heirs. A person's will should dictate how those assets are ultimately distributed, but there are certainly exceptions to this. For example, a loved one might challenge the will. In some situations the court might even make decisions at its own discretion. On top of these challenges, probate is also time-consuming and can be very costly.

Criminal defense: 18-year-old charged with murder

Movies and TV shows often portray the criminal court system as a fast-paced environment where defendants are arrested, charged and then shuffled into court for judgment in only a matter of days. Things are different in real life. Even if someone is arrested, he or she might not be indicted on charges until months later, which can make crafting a criminal defense complicated. This is the situation that one young man in Lake Charles is currently facing.

In Dec. 2019, officers with the Lake Charles Police Department arrested an 18-year-old. They had a warrant for his arrest, which was related to an incident that took place on Dec. 27, 2018. On that day, a man suffered fatal injuries after being shot.

Is estate planning an act of love?

Valentine's Day might be over, but showing love happens all year long. Rather than giving out flowers and chocolates, people in Lake Charles can show their love through something else -- estate planning. In fact, estate plans are actually perfect for doing so.

Most people are probably familiar with the idea of the "I love you" will even if they are not familiar with the name. This is a simple and straightforward will that makes sure all property goes to a spouse, children or some combination of both. While it might not account for things like taxes, it is certainly a good way for someone to demonstrate just how much he or she cares for loved ones.

High-speed chase ends with criminal charges

A recent high-speed chase ended in an accident and one man's arrest. Louisiana police booked him into an area facility on multiple criminal charges, including no safety helmet, improper lane usage and reckless operation. A judge set a bond of $102,500, which he has yet to post.

The incident started when a sheriff's deputy spotted the out-of-state man driving a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet. The deputy then tried to pull the motorcycle driver over for a traffic stop, but he refused to do so and allegedly kept driving instead. This sparked a high-speed chase that reached speeds of more than 100 mph. There were two other deputies who were also engaged in the chase.

Adults of Lake Charles, you should be estate planning

Planning for the end of life or unexpected medical events might not be anyone's idea of fun, but it is still necessary. And while it might not be fun, estate planning does give Lake Charles residents control over their futures even when they cannot actively make decisions. Creating an estate plan is not just for the elderly, either. Virtually every adult at any stage of life can benefit from doing so.

Young people who have only recently entered adulthood probably are not thinking about what will happen when they die or get seriously injured. This mindset overlooks a serious problem -- people get hurt all the time. Young adults should be sure to have at least a will and two durable powers of attorney, one for health care and the other for finances. As most people have more personal property then they realize, a will is essential for distributing those assets after death. The powers of attorney give others the legal right to make medical and financial decisions on another's behalf if he or she cannot do so.

Is it time to discuss appointing a power of attorney agent?

Knowing that a parent is facing health issues can be difficult for anyone. You and many other Louisiana residents may have wondered if your own parent would reach a point at which he or she could no longer make sound decisions, but a recent medical diagnosis may have made it clear that mental decline was in his or her future.

Though this news can be distressing, you feel ready to take over the care of your parent when the time comes. Of course, you want to make sure that your parent feels comfortable with you making important decisions and that you have the legal right to do so. As a result, discussing the idea of creating a power of attorney document may be wise.

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