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Driver faces drunk driving charges after fleeing scene of wreck

Louisiana police recently arrested a man they claim fled the scene of a pedestrian accident. The man in question is charged with a first offense for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit and run, careless operation, and more. These types of drunk driving allegations can be quite serious, and anyone in Lake Charles who is facing similar charges would be well advised to seek guidance where necessary.

The accident occurred in the afternoon on July 3, 2018, when the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle he was driving. His car veered off of the road on the left side, struck a person who was sitting on a bus bench and then returned to the roadway, where he continued driving. The victim was transported to the hospital where he was admitted for multiple serious injuries, including two broken legs and a suspected head injury.

Estate planning after divorce

Every year, couples across the Lake Charles area let out a deep sigh of relief as they finalize their divorces and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, many forget one last thing when wrapping up the loose ends of their old married lives -- their wills. Anyone who has experienced a major life change should revisit the estate planning process and make important updates as needed. 

End-of-life decisions are integral to personal dignity, so many people choose to create living wills that outline their wishes. These are typically accompanied by health care powers of attorney, which gives someone else the ability to make those decisions on their behalf. If an ex-spouse is listed as the health care proxy, a divorce will not cancel their legal right to make medical decisions, so an updated power of attorney is essential after divorce. 

Truck driver flees crash, charged with drunk driving

A recent single-vehicle wreck led Louisiana police to make an arrest. The driver accused of drunk driving did not appear to be injured in the wreck. He is facing several criminal charges, including a hit and run and weight restriction charges on top of a first offense DWI. For Lake Charles residents facing similar charges, the potential effects of a criminal conviction can be devastating. 

Police were called to the scene of the accident where an 18-wheeler had apparently struck a fire hydrant, street sign, stop sign and fence. By the time officers arrived the driver had already fled and parked the large truck behind a nearby Walmart. It is unclear if he was on the clock at the time of the wreck. 

Have you been accused of fraud or another white collar crime?

When individuals believe that another person has attempted to deceive them or others, they may refer to that person as a fraud. Fraud can also refer to multiple actions classified as white collar crimes that could lead to a serious predicament if authorities believe that you have carried out any fraudulent activity.

Because "fraud" can be a rather broad term in some cases, it will be important to understand the exact allegations you face if such charges come against you. The more you know about the accusations, the better able you may be to determine what defense strategies could help you effectively address this serious legal situation.

Marvel idol Stan Lee struggling with estate planning problems

Fans of popular Marvel Comics super heroes often idolize Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief and creator of many popular characters. However, few fans might know of his current estate planning problems. Like many elderly Lake Charles residents, Lee was allegedly taken advantage of by men who tried to manipulate his estate and gain control of valuable assets.

Lee's estate planning problems apparently began soon after his wife died in 2017. Keya Morgan quickly moved into Lee's inner circle and took over the role of caregiver. Morgan was recently slapped with a temporary restraining order after accusations that he and at least two other men were trying to improperly influence Lee. The comic book creator told authorities that the men had "bad intentions" and were solely trying to get control of his assets rather than looking out for his best interests.

Louisiana man arrested for 5th drunk driving offense

A Louisiana man is currently behind bars for multiple criminal allegations. Among his charges is a fifth-offense drunk driving count, although it is not clear if he was ever convicted for his past arrests. Drunk driving charges are serious enough as is, but arrests for subsequent offenses can be especially difficult for Lake Charles drivers.

The 56-year-old man's arrest followed an accident that occurred at approximately 6:45 p.m. The crash involved four vehicles, but further details of the accident were not clear, and police did not indicate if the man was responsible. However, upon arriving at the scene, they claim that they found the driver in his vehicle and that he displayed signs of intoxication. They also allegedly found synthetic marijuana and an open can of beer in the vehicle.

Drunk driving charges filed against man on lawn mower

Louisiana treats any suspicion of intoxication behind the wheel very seriously, and those accused of such face considerable consequences. However, drivers do not necessarily have to be inside of a car, truck or SUV to be charged with drunk driving. For one man, sitting behind the wheel of a riding lawn mower was enough for charges to be filed against him.

Police claim that they first spotted the man around midnight. He was allegedly driving a riding lawn mower on a highway when he swerved out of the shoulder into the driving lane and then back to the shoulder. At that point police initiated a traffic stop.

Yes, estate planning is important -- here's why

Thinking about end-of-life matters is not exactly enjoyable, and many Lake Charles residents avoid this uncomfortable topic altogether. This can be devastating for not only a person's estate, but also for the family who is left behind without any clear guidance on their loved one's wishes. Avoiding estate planning can also cause taxes and fees to eat up assets that might have otherwise been distributed to heirs.

Even if individuals claims that they do not particularly care what happens to their assets after their death, there is a good chance that their surviving loved ones care a great deal. Creating a will with clear instructions can help avoid any potential fighting amongst heirs. It also takes the stress off of the executor -- the person charged with managing and distributing the assets.

Don't rush into choosing an executor or trustee

Have you decided to put together an estate plan? Congratulations! The peace of mind you will get from knowing that your family will be taken care of in your absence can't be matched. After spending your life providing for them, you may sleep better at night knowing that care will continue after you pass away.

Of course, even the best plans may fall apart without the right person or persons at the helm. Choosing the executor and/or trustee you want to carry out your wishes is just as important, if not more important, than the structure of your estate plan. Your executor and trustee do not have to be the same person or people, and the general guidelines below apply to either position and may help you make your choices.

Elder law situation following death in another state

Many adult children in Louisiana help their aging parents or other elderly loved ones with various aspects of their long-term care. Elder law attorneys are often asked to step in when legal problems arise regarding estate planning matters or suspected problems involving nursing home abuse. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit concerning the latter.  She alleges that substandard care led to her loved one's death.

The woman's 98-year-old grandmother was reportedly taken to an area hospital with a 103-degree body temperature. She had been living in a local nursing home at the time. The woman says her grandmother could not speak due to dementia and was wheel-chair bound as well.  

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