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Louisiana woman arrested regarding alleged synthetic marijuana

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2013 | Uncategorized |

A Louisiana woman has been accused of distributing synthetic marijuana. Law enforcement authorities claim to have found the synthetic marijuana in both the woman’s home and pickup. The woman was then charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute and the possession of paraphernalia.

Police detectives reported finding packages of the synthetic substance and drug paraphernalia. The woman was originally arrested during a traffic stop, and then arresting officers obtained a search warrant to look through the woman’s home. Besides the synthetic marijuana that they deemed to be illegal, police also alleged to have found hydrocodone pills, doses of amphetamine, a pipe for smoking marijuana, rolling papers, a ledger and around $350 in cash.

There has been a great deal of reporting concerning the sale of synthetic marijuana in recent months. Though banned throughout many areas in Louisiana, the bans have only recently gone into effect. Many residents may not even know that such bans are even in place.

When there is a lack of awareness concerning the various drug laws, attorneys often end up speaking to individuals who have been arrested for charges they did not know exist. While many of these individuals will probably be penalized in some manner, lawyers will still argue for a lighter sentence because of the lack of awareness concerning local or state laws.

It serves no purpose to come down hard on individuals concerning any such alleged acts. It is still up to prosecuting attorneys to demonstrate that actual intent existed for those charged in committing illegal acts.

Source: KATC, “Buras woman accused of selling synthetic marijuana,” July 30, 2013

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