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December 2013 Archives

Falsification of diploma leads to Medicaid fraud charge

White collar crimes are serious offenses that are usually committed through deceitful acts for financial gain. Fraudulent acts like mail fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, Ponzi scheme, money laundering, identity theft and forgery are some of the most common examples of white collar crimes. A person accused of a white-collar crime may face both criminal and civil liabilities. Upon conviction, the suspect may be required to pay restitution, fines and penalties and other serious repercussions.

Late night hunting leads to arrest and felony charge

Most readers understand that a felony conviction in Louisiana can have serious consequences. A felony charge could lead to incarceration, stiff fines or other penalties upon conviction. Any time spent in prison could also impact one's employment status and personal relationships. Felony charges may arise from such offenses as robbery, rape, assault, murder, burglary, selling drugs and terroristic acts.

Louisiana football rising star faces felony charge

Louisiana residents who are accused of a crime often feel that the penalties begin before they have been found guilty, or even before they have had a chance to defend themselves. The public tends to accept the official word on what happened as the truth, and those who are accused quickly find their reputation in their community suffering. When the crime carries a felony charge, a conviction can mean a lifetime of this damage to one's reputation.

Search warrant leads to confiscation of 1.5 pounds of marijuana

The state of Louisiana does not tolerate drug offenses. Methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana are some of the most common prohibited substances that are confiscated by the authorities. A person caught carrying these drugs will most likely face possession charges, which can escalate into drug trafficking, depending on the quantity of the prohibited substances that were confiscated.

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