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Late night hunting leads to arrest and felony charge

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Most readers understand that a felony conviction in Louisiana can have serious consequences. A felony charge could lead to incarceration, stiff fines or other penalties upon conviction. Any time spent in prison could also impact one’s employment status and personal relationships. Felony charges may arise from such offenses as robbery, rape, assault, murder, burglary, selling drugs and terroristic acts.

Recently, police responded to a report of a man shining a spotlight from his vehicle while on a state highway in Louisiana. Suspecting the driver of night hunting, police investigated and pulled over a vehicle that matched the description in the report. The 52-year-old driver allegedly disembarked from his vehicle donning a hat with a spotlight, which he then tossed into the back into the vehicle. The police saw weapons inside the vehicle and apprehended the driver.

The authorities searched the man’s Jeep and found several rifles and pistols. Additionally, the police found a substance they suspected to be methamphetamine. The man is now facing multiple charges including possession of meth, possession of firearms during a felony narcotics offense, hunting a deer from a moving vehicle and during illegal hours with an artificial light, hunting from a public road and hunting with an illegal weapon.

This suspect truly needs a strong defense due to the multiple charges pressed against him. In dealing with a felony charge, it is recommended that a suspect seek advice before proceeding with the case. Flaws committed by the police during the pull over, search of the vehicle and arrest can be used to strengthen the defense.

A person accused of a felony needs to know that not all cases go to trial. Many cases are handled out of court with attorneys and clients negotiating to reduced charges or punishment. If a case does go to trial, the outcome will depend on the jury, the prosecution and the judge overseeing the case. A criminal defense legal professional can be of great assistance in all of these scenarios.

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