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Traffic stop results in drug charges for two men in Louisiana

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Americans have differing opinions regarding marijuana legalization. Although there are other states that are considering legalizing marijuana, Louisiana remains one of the states that does not tolerate marijuana possession, distribution or cultivation. In fact, the potential penalties of a mere drug possession charge in Louisiana are still serious.

In Calcasieu, Louisiana, a traffic stop turned into a drug arrest for two individuals. According to the report, the detectives of Combined Anti-Drug Task Force pulled over one vehicle for a traffic violation. Two men, aged 22 and 44 respectively, were the occupants of the car. During the stop, the police claimed that the two men acted suspiciously. The police let a K-9 sniff around the car and it gave a positive response to the smell of a controlled substance. When the authorities searched the vehicle, one of the two men allegedly fled the scene on foot into nearby woods. This suspect was later found after he got lost in the woods and called 911 for help.

Police reportedly seized three large trash bags containing more than 40 pounds of marijuana from the trunk of the car. The illegal drugs have an estimated street value of $54,000.

Both men are facing charges of illegal possession of Controlled Drugs Substance I with intent to distribute. The 22-year-old suspect faces additional charges for resisting an officer by flight. They were being held in the Calcasieu Correctional Center.

Drug possession with intent to distribute charges can be deemed a federal crime, which would have more severe consequences than state-level felony drug charges. If that happens, the suspects may face larger fines and a mandatory prison sentence.

Louisiana residents charged with drug possession still have a chance to obtain a desirable outcome in their case. With the right criminal defense strategy, getting the charges reduced or dropped remains possible.

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