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Eight arrested in connection with Louisiana Medicaid fraud

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Uncategorized |

In a news release, the Louisiana Attorney General stated that eight individuals have been arrested and imprisoned on multiple Medicaid fraud charges after a licensed Medicaid provider and her co-conspirators colluded with Medicaid recipients to steal Medicaid funds.

The accused, owner of Majestic Home Care Services, has been charged for fraudulently billing the Medicaid program for services never rendered. Employees of the Majestic Home Care Services, including direct service workers and supervisors, and multiple family members of the accused, employed by Majestic Home Care Services, allegedly struck deals with Medicaid recipients to perpetuate the fraud.

In the course of operation, Medicaid recipients were asked to sign fraudulent timesheets and other paperwork, often claiming over 40 hours or more worked in a week. The documents were then submitted by the service workers for the false services. In return, the Medicaid recipients received half or less of the reimbursement dollars in the form of cash or bank deposits.

Two brothers from the family, hired by Majestic Home Care Services, have been additionally accused of submitting falsified high school diplomas, allowing them to work for the company. In 2013, the owner sent a letter to the Department of Health and Hospitals stating her company had a $50,000 line of credit, a claim also found to be fraudulent. She now faces charges of Medicaid fraud and criminal conspiracy to commit forgery, among other charges.

As this case demonstrates, white collar crime charges aren’t just for high-level executives or corporate magnates. An experienced criminal law attorney may be able to determine whether enough evidence exists to convict a defendant of white collar crime; if not, a case may not be able to stand in court.

Source:, “8 individuals arrested in Louisiana Medicaid program fraud scheme,” Quincy Hodges, June 5, 2014

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