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Alleged cocaine ring nets 51 arrests, including lifelong criminal

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Uncategorized |

In Louisiana, as in other states, one top concern of law enforcement officials is to stop the production and distribution of illegal drugs. Toward this goal, authorities continually pursue various individuals and organizations that engage in a variety of illegal activities. When they are able, they arrest those involved and do what they can to shut down distribution networks.

Recently, a Calcasieu Parish grand jury indicted 51 people on drug charges in Lake Charles. According to the American Press newspaper, 39 of those indicted on cocaine distribution charges had been apprehended. The recent indictment was a result of Operation 27, which was named after one of the suspects, an apparent lifelong criminal, was apprehended for the 27th time in his life. Of the 188 charges against him, 159 involve conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

To avoid conviction and the consequent penalties, the people indicted and arrested will have to present strong defenses. After assessing the severity of the charges, a defendant will need to determine the best possible solution. Most defendants can get the answers they need from criminal defense attorneys who handle such cases. The defendants can learn from their legal advocates that there are various ways to address their cases such as negotiating with prosecutors, entering plea deals or fighting the charges in court.

How a case proceeds depends on the decisions made by a defendant. The person accused of a crime should review every option available to reach the best possible outcome. Each step must be thoroughly planned in order to avoid mistakes that could weaken the criminal defense.

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