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Our committed lawyers handle federal health-care fraud cases

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Federal Crimes |

In Louisiana, as in other states, investigations into alleged cases of health-care fraud are fairly common. Whether it is fraudulent billing or overbilling that leads to Medicare fraud or something else, a federal charge means that an individual will face serious penalties if convicted. Although nonviolent, these crimes are considered serious because they take money away from legitimate claims and constitute theft from taxpayers. Health-care professionals may be especially prone to fraud charges if an investigation reveals that they billed patients for services that never occurred or were never properly documented. If not dealt with properly, these charges can have life-altering consequences.

Many people who have consulted our attorneys were confused about the nature and extent of the federal health-care fraud charges or wanted to avoid the consequences of a conviction such as losing their professional licenses. If you are have been charged with federal crimes involving health-care fraud, then you most likely need immediate legal help. Our experienced professionals know how to deal with such allegations. We start by investigating your case to determine what led to the charges. Once we have completed our investigation, we can proceed to creating an effective criminal defense.

Presenting a defense is the right of anyone who is accused of a crime. By creating a strong criminal defense, an accused person has a good chance of effectively contesting the charges. A defense can consist of proving a defendant’s innocence or showing the prosecution’s case to be weak or insufficient. Success also can mean a case dismissal or reduced charges. Our law firm focuses on achieving the best possible outcome for each and every defendant.

We highly recommend that anyone who wishes to learn more about federal health care fraud and other types of crimes check out our website or speak with one of our experienced legal professionals to discuss a specific case.

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