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Police arrest 17-year-old teenager on drug charges

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, has a long list of people who have been accused of drug offenses. Some of them were acquitted of the charges, while others were convicted. Each drug offense carries unique penalties, depending on where the accused person was prosecuted-state or federal court. Still, drug charges should be taken seriously, as the repercussions are often severe. Fines, penalties and prison time are some of the most common results of a drug-related conviction.

In the nearby area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a 17-year-old teenager was recently arrested on drug and burglary charges. According to authorities, the accused teen entered a school’s premises without permission. Police discovered heroin and prescription pills when they searched the accused teen. The teenager is now facing burglary and drug charges. The accused teen’s bail was set at $27,500.

The defense of such cases must be aggressive, especially if a teenager is involved. The accused teenager, if convicted, may lose many opportunities, as a serious criminal conviction can leave a permanent mark on his or her record. By crafting a strong criminal defense, the accused person can make a solid argument to refute prosecutors’ claims. All evidence used against the victim should be investigated thoroughly to determine its validity. The defense team also should focus on how authorities arrested the victim or how they conducted the search and seizure. If police failed to follow standard procedures, evidence can be deemed inadmissible in court, which can lead to a case dismissal.

Locally, readers accused of drug charges can use a number of legal options to fight the charges. They may negotiate with the prosecutor for lesser charges or may fight the charges head-on through a jury trial. The latter option requires legal guidance and support. Failure to present a strong criminal defense can lower the chance of a case dismissal or aquittal.

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