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Man in Louisiana arrested for drug possession

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Felonies |

When charged with a crime, there is a marked difference in being charged with a misdemeanor and being charged with a felony. A misdemeanor is a lesser charge more or less. With a misdemeanor, the person that has been charged and processed through the legal system usually has to pay a fine and/or do some type of community service.

Depending on the crime, there is a chance that misdemeanors can be expunged. A felony however is a whole different matter entirely. A felony is a criminal offence that, if convicted, carries with it prison time. Felonies are higher level crimes like murder, burglary, rape, arson, assault, theft and the like.

A man in Lacassine, Louisiana was arrested for a number of felonious infractions most of which involved drugs and drug paraphernalia. After being arrested the man was taken into custody by the Sheriff’ office. Upon arrest, the authorities found a weapon, drugs, and other stolen items. Based on the findings made by the Sheriff’s, it is likely that the man may be charged with some type of felony, possibly a felony drug charge.

Just because an individual is charged with a felony does not mean that that individual will be sentenced to prison. There is a whole legal process that has to take place prior to incarceration. First and foremost, the person arrested has to be charged with a crime. Once charged, the individual has the ability to defend himself against said charges and this may include a court hearing. If a felony case gets to the point of being before a tribunal, then the prosecutor has the burden of proof in any criminal case. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help react rationally in such situations.

Source: KPLC-TV, “Lacassine man facing drug charges,” Michael Cooper, April 7, 2015

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