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May 2015 Archives

Louisiana firefighter accused of committing insurance fraud

Recently, this blog discussed various types of white collar crimes, which usually involve some form of dishonesty or theft. Financial crimes are taken every bit as seriously by police as drug crimes or violent crimes. Insurance fraud is one type of white collar crime, a crime that one Louisiana firefighter has recently been accused of.

How are felonies distinguished from misdemeanors?

Being charged with a crime is not something any Louisiana resident aspires to. Although there is a marked difference between felonies and misdemeanors, neither is viewed in a positive light. Misdemeanors are crimes that do not rise to the level of a felony and are often considered "lower level" charges. Many criminal defendants would consider a misdemeanor a minor wrongdoing, although the penalties can still negatively impact one's life. Those convicted of a misdemeanor may have to pay expensive fines or spend time in jail.

Procedure important to understand when facing drug charges

Being charged with a crime is just the first step in the criminal process in Louisiana. Charges are filed when the authorities have enough evidence to arrest someone for a specific crime. Criminal procedure dictates that the arrest of an individual be lawful in that it follows all the processes and procedures as required by the Constitution and criminal statute. Once a person is arrested for criminal activity, they are entitled to a fair criminal process.

What are white-collar crimes?

Crimes are categorized based on the type of crime involved. For instance, most people in Calcasieu Parish are aware that there is a difference between federal crimes and state crimes. Although you may not know what the differences are, there is most likely an understanding that federal and state crimes are handled in separate ways. Whether or not an alleged crime is prosecuted in state court or in federal court is dictated by the alleged crime itself. Some alleged crimes can be prosecuted in both courts and when this happens, the powers that be make a decision on the matter.

Several Louisiana men face drug trafficking charges after bust

Being charged with drug offense has much in common with being charged with other crimes. First and foremost, each criminal offense carries with it elements that have to be proven in order to be found guilty, and standardized punishments if convicted. Now depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the alleged criminal activity and the charges that ensue, the criminal case can either be heard in state court or in federal court. Many drug cases are federally prosecuted especially where evidence of drug trafficking is involved if there is evidence of commerce across state lines. Needless to say, drug trafficking charges, like many other felony charges, are serious.

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