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Estate planning as part of travel plans

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Estate Planning

When married couples in Lake Charles take vacations, they often spend several weeks ahead of time making plans, packing and securing various arrangements for child care, home protection and other important matters. Most would agree that traveling is much more fun when one can do it with peace of mind. For some in Louisiana, pre-travel plans might include estate planning.

Especially for those with children, executing a thoroughly designed estate plan can take care of several issues at once. For instance, parents can designate one or more parties as potential legal guardians for their children should a tragedy occur and both of them die. While no one likes to imagine such things happening, the reality is that sometimes they do.

An updated estate plan may also include specific instructions regarding medical care, such as life support, feeding tubes and other procedures outside the norm. If an estate owner suffers mental or physical incapacitation rendering an inability to speak for himself or herself, medical staff and others need only consult the estate plan as a guide in making decisions. A trusted individual can also be named as a voice of authority for medical situations or financial issues.

Most financial advisers in Lake Charles and surrounding Louisiana regions would agree that it’s never too soon to take care of estate planning matters. Whether married or single, under age 30 or well into the Golden Years, getting one’s affairs in order can bring a tremendous sense of inner peace. Because such processes can often be complex, it may be best to act alongside experienced guidance.

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