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Increasing the chances of avoiding a drunk driving conviction

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Anyone who has ever looked in a rear view mirror while driving in Lake Charles to see flashing red and blue lights on a police car knows what a stressful experience it can be. Hearing sirens, trying to pull safely off the road and worrying whether an officer is about to write out a ticket can cause fear and anxiety, to be sure. If a police officer mentions the words “drunk driving,” stress levels may soar.

In situations where a motorist knows he or she has consumed no alcohol, it is still best to remain calm and cooperate as much as possible with the officer at the scene. It is also typically a good idea to request immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney. Even if a driver had a drink or two, it does not necessarily mean a crime has been committed.

Every person charged with intoxicated driving is able to fight against charges in court. Many who have been in such situations in the past have requested help from experienced attorneys. Allowing an attorney to act on one’s behalf may be the easiest means to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

A main priority for anyone charged with drunk driving in Lake Charles is two-fold: To protect personal rights and avoid conviction. A first logical step to take toward that end is to discuss one’s particular situation with a skilled defense lawyer. Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.P., is a dedicated legal team that has been helping clients fight drunk driving charges for more than 15 years. To request a consultation, you can call our office or contact us via the electronic form on our website.

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