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Text plus wrong number equals criminal defense problem

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Many residents in Lake Charles are like others throughout Louisiana and the nation who enjoy reading humorous memes on various social network sites. Some of the funniest feature screen shots of mistyped text messages, which at times have proved quite embarrassing for senders, recipients or both. Not as common, but perhaps more worrisome, are misdirected texts; in fact, one such situation recently led to a man’s sudden need for criminal defense assistance.

The man apparently thought he sent a text message to a particular person. His message was indeed successfully sent, but not to the person with whom he had hoped to correspond. Instead, a sheriff’s deputy received the message on his cell phone.

Authorities claim the misdirected message intended to plan a crystal methamphetamine delivery. The officer apparently sent a return text, agreeing to the arrangements. He then reportedly contacted the narcotics division to mobilize a unit in the hope of making a drug bust.

Some time later, a 39-year-old man allegedly showed for the meeting. He was charged with illegal drug possession, resisting an officer and firearms violations. This apparently is not the first time a misdirected text message or other folly has led to criminal charges being filed.

Stories have been told of drug-laden drones crashing into people’s homes. On another occasion in 2015, police officers responded to a man’s home after he called 911 and apparently saw evidence that he was involved in illegal drug activity. A search warrant led to the seizure of various types of drugs and firearms, plus more than $84,000 in cash. A strong criminal defense would obviously be needed to overcome such serious legal challenges. A Lake Charles defense attorney can assist anyone currently charged with such crimes in this state.

Source:, “A misdirected text message led to a meth bust in Louisiana“, Christopher Woody, Jan. 11, 2017

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