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Thorough estate planning apparently part of George Michael’s life

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Estate Planning

Fans in Lake Charles and throughout the world continue to mourn the unexpected Christmas Day passing of pop music icon George Michael. The former 80’s heartthrob sold over 100 million records during his career and millions have come forward to express sorrow over his recent death. Speculation has emerged over who will inherit the former singer’s mass fortune. New information suggests he was very thorough in his estate planning process.

Among Michael’s many assets are several multimillion dollar homes and vacation properties. He is also said to have invested a lot of money in various art collections. His homes alone are reportedly worth more than $20 million.

Michael’s estate has been estimated at approximately $128 million. Those who knew him well have stated they believe he executed very specific instructions as to how his assets are to be distributed after his death. Most say it is likely the majority of his fortune will be given to his sisters and several others who are his godchildren. One of his godsons had reportedly been estranged from him for the past decade, but is still expected to be named in Michael’s will.

Most people in Lake Charles are not going to see details regarding their estate planning documents in international news headlines. However, as several other superstars have died with no estate plan in place, some may look at George Michael’s situation as inspiration to get their own affairs in order. Those in Louisiana who have decided to do this may schedule appointments with an experienced estate planning and administration attorney to begin the process.

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