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Overcoming the challenges of drunk driving charges

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

In Lake Charles and other Louisiana regions, it’s not uncommon for police to make traffic stops on suspicion of alcohol-related situations. Although drunk driving remains problematic in many areas, not every person charged with this crime is guilty. Police are obviously capable of making mistakes, just like everyone else.

There are definite laws regarding how much alcohol may be present in a person’s bloodstream when he or she is operating a motor vehicle. This does not mean, however, that a specific amount of drinks can be consumed before a person is considered drunk. Every person’s metabolism is different, and what is merely a drink or two for one may cause another person’s blood alcohol content level to soar.

Just because you’ve been charged with drunk driving does not necessarily mean you’ll be convicted. An outcome often depends on a variety of key factors, including the type of defense you present in court. There have also been many situations where defendants have successfully challenged evidence due to their personal rights being violated during the process of a vehicle search, arrest or booking.

Challenging evidence proffered by prosecutors is no small task. Anyone planning to do so in Louisiana may want to secure assistance from an experienced defense attorney first. At Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.P., we have helped many people facing drunk driving charges protect their rights and preserve their freedom. If you have a particular situation you’d like to discuss, you may call our Lake Charles office to request a meeting.

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