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When family peacemaker dies, estate planning squabbles may occur

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Estate Planning |

Many Lake Charles families (as well as others throughout Louisiana and the nation) include people who are known as the hearts of their families and peacemakers in times of trouble. When those particular people pass away, it is not uncommon for estate planning complications to arise within their families. When the one to whom everyone looked for guidance is gone, resolving disagreements may be all the more challenging.

The more clearly one’s intentions are spelled out in an estate plan, the less likely such family disputes will occur. Therefore, it is crucial to be very specific when designating beneficiaries, guardians or executors. Many people find it helpful to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney before executing their plans as a lawyer can carefully review all documents and offer advice regarding exactly how to word things to avoid confusion.

Most family fights involve disputes over property or other assets. While one might assume the majority of disagreements occur over money, this is not always the case. In fact, many contentious situations arise when more than one person wants the same item for sentimental reasons. Adult siblings also tend to fight when they believe parents have treated one better than the other with regard to an inheritance.

Thorough estate planning can often help loved ones avoid a lengthy probate process. This is good because it’s during probate that family rifts are often intensified. Anyone seeking answers to estate planning questions in the Lake Charles area can request a meeting with an experienced Louisiana attorney.

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