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Legal guardianship can be incorporated into estate planning goals

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Estate Planning

Whether a person was recently married in Lake Charles or has already celebrated several anniversaries and is fully engaged in Louisiana family life, thoughts of the future and how to protect assets and provide for loved ones has likely entered his or her mind from time to time. The estate planning process is a means to this end and can be customized to meet individual needs and goals for the future. Parents are often particularly concerned about who will raise their children if something happens that renders them incapable.

It’s possible to plan ahead and include instructions in a will, designating a person or people as legal guardians for children in the event of parents’ deaths or incapacitation. This allows parents to choose someone they trust rather than having a court make the decision. Typically, one person is named in the will to be the official legal guardian of any children so named, and additional individuals are designated as alternates, to serve in the event that the first person named is unable to fulfill the responsibility.

There are certain considerations to take into account when choosing a legal guardian for children. Since state laws vary, it’s crucial to seek clarification before executing a plan. Generally speaking, a legal guardian named in a will should be of legal age, physically and mentally able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the designation, and someone trusted to children’s best interests at heart.

A Louisiana estate planning attorney possesses clear understanding of state laws that govern such matters. Acting alongside this type of experienced guidance is a wise decision for anyone wishing to create a solid plan. An attorney can also help with any estate plan changes or updates as needed down the line in a particular situation.

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