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Louisiana fisherman likely thinking about criminal defense

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Shrimpers in Louisiana are legally obligated to adhere to certain regulations regarding their vessels, nets, etc. when heading out on waterways to fish. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries often conducts routine inspections to make sure boaters are following the rules. Such an inspection didn’t go so well for one man recently, who is now facing serious drug charges and likely searching for criminal defense support.

The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday when agents working offshore waters stopped a 42-foot boat for a routine inspection. Officials claim they immediately noticed the 39-year-old fisherman’s nets were over-sized. They also say there were dead seagulls on the boat’s deck.

Seagulls are non-game birds, which led to charges being filed against the man. Inspectors searched the boat and further claimed there were substantial amounts of drugs, firearms and drug paraphernalia on board. Hence, in addition to the non-game bird violation charges, the man is also facing charges for possession of drugs, as well as possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance. Officials say they seized dead birds, drugs, shrimp and other contraband weighing in at more than 740 pounds.

Every person accused of crimes in Louisiana or elsewhere is given the opportunity to present a criminal defense. Most people enlist the help of an experienced attorney to do so, as going it alone in court can be rather frightening and stressful. An attorney knows how to maximize a person’s chances of obtaining the best possible outcome in a particular situation.

Source:, “Shrimp-net violation leads to drug bust, agents say“, Todd Masson, June 29, 2017

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