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Elder law issues often accompany these aging concerns

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Elder Law |

Many older people in Louisiana consider it a good day if they don’t encounter any major challenges regarding their current states of mind or health conditions. Most agree it’s not easy growing old, at least in a physical sense. Generally speaking, people live longer nowadays, but the fact is not negated that older bodies do not look or function like their younger counterparts. Some older people enjoy their golden years with little to no problems; others not only face physical challenges, but run into to elder law problems as well.

Some of the most common health issues aging people face include arthritis, high blood pressure and heart or lung diseases. Those suffering ailments that mostly affect their minds, not bodies, may also struggle to function on a daily basis when their symptoms become advanced. Alzheimer’s, depression, dementia and other cognitive-related illnesses can wreak havoc upon those suffering such conditions as well as their families and other caretakers.

Some older people have to rely on others to help them in their needs. Many are dealing with health situations that prompt them to get their estate plans in order because it’s necessary to do so while still of sound mind. Conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia may render an older person incapable of acting on his or her own behalf to sign a final will and testament or other estate document.

To offer care and daily living assistance to aging parents, especially those with serious health conditions, is noble and good. However, many adult children run into trouble when it comes to elder law issues, such as hospital negligence, nursing home abuse or financial scams against their parents. No one wants to see their parents suffer or being taken advantage of; this is why many Louisiana residents turn to experienced elder law attorneys for help in taking quick action against those deemed responsible for their parents’ suffering.

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