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Have accusations of domestic violence left you needing a defense?

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You certainly know that domestic violence can seriously harm a person both physically and mentally. Because of the severity of such a situation, you may feel caught off guard if someone accuses you of such a criminal act. Though you may know that you did not participate in violent behavior, you could still find yourself facing serious charges.

This type of predicament may seem anything but lucky, but the bright side of the scenario relates to the fact that you have defense options against the allegations. You may still see it as unfair that you have to go through such proceedings at all, but taking the process seriously may work in your favor.

False allegations

In a perfect world, individuals would not attempt to use false claims as a way to get back at another person. Unfortunately, this type of scenario does happen, and the allegations of domestic violence that your spouse or other individual have leveled against you could have no truth behind them. However, authorities have the obligation to take such claims seriously. Presenting evidence that can help prove the falsehood of the claims may help you maintain your innocence.


Even if you did have to become violent or otherwise physical in a domestic dispute, you may argue that you acted out of self-defense or in order to protect your children. If you believed that another person posed a threat to you or your kids, you may have had no other choice than to carrying out protective actions. The self-defense argument commonly plays a role in defense presentations when it comes to accusations of violence.

Mistaken identity

Another form of defense could relate to your facing accusations due to being mistaken for someone else. Because authorities do not always have a clear description of a suspect or have few other details to act on, police could consider you a suspect though you did not have involvement in the event. You could potentially create a defense surrounding evidence that indicates you were somewhere else at the time the crime took place.

Understanding options

It may seem unreal that you could face charges for a crime you did not commit, but this type of situation is not altogether uncommon. While you may wish that you could simply deny the accusations, legal proceedings require a considerable amount of effort. You may wish to find out more information on how to effectively handle accusations of domestic violence and what the related criminal legal proceedings can entail.

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