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Parents of two minors will be making criminal defense decisions

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Two children, ages five and 10, were reportedly at home when police officers came knocking at their door. The purpose of the impromptu visit was a premises search. The Louisiana officers who arrived were part of a special drug task force. The incident not only changed the rest of that particular day for the two siblings, it may have changed the rest of their entire lives as well.

That’s because their parents were taken into police custody after the officers rummaged their home. Authorities claim to have found several types of cocaine inside the residence, as well as heroin, marijuana and a semi-automatic weapon. The latter led to criminal charges of felony possession of a firearm.

Both parents, ages 35 and 29, were arrested. They each face several counts of possession of illegal drugs, illegal use of controlled substances with minors present and other drug possession with intent to distribute charges. The marijuana charges against them are no small matter as it is apparently a second offense for one and a third offense for the other.

As the criminal defense situation continues to develop, the children are said to be in the custody of extended family members. Each parent will have an opportunity to fight against the charges in court. It’s typically easier to go up against prosecutors by allowing an experienced defense attorney to advocate on one’s behalf. A Louisiana court may issue severe penalties for serious drug crimes under conviction but a competent attorney may be able to help mitigate such circumstances.

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