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Thorough estate planning may help avoid disputes like this one

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Estate Planning

Many Hollywood entertainment fans in Louisiana were shocked and saddened when former television star Alan Thicke suddenly collapsed while playing ice hockey and died from a ruptured aorta. Since his death, his sons and his third wife have been fighting over his estate. The situation may prompt some readers to be very specific and thorough when navigating the estate planning process if they hope to help their families avoid similar problems.

In this case, Robin Thicke, Alan’s son and a star in his own right, has joined efforts with his brother Brennan to file a complaint against their stepmother. The attorney representing the brothers told the court there is evidence that Thicke’s third wife planned to ask for more than she was entitled to as her deceased husband’s beneficiary. Her attorney said such allegations have no basis in truth given the fact that his client has no intention on disputing the prenuptial agreement she and Thicke signed before they were married.

The court dismissed the brothers’ claim, saying they did not provide enough evidence to convince the judge that their assertions may be true. The judge did say that a new petition could be filed if the appropriate amount of evidence was to accompany it. The Thicke brothers’ attorney was disappointed in the decision, stating that there are several other important issues in dispute outside matters concerning the prenuptial agreement.

The Thicke family is definitely not the first to squabble over a deceased loved one’s estate planning decisions. If appropriate measures are taken, much stress and discord may be avoided down the line when the time comes to administer an estate. An experienced Louisiana attorney can help review a proposed plan and provide effective guidance to those in this state with regards to any changes or updates that may be needed in their plans as time goes on.

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