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How to determine which criminal defense strategy is best

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Being charged with a crime in Louisiana is no small matter, regardless the particular details of an individual situation. Even being suspect in a most minor offense is enough to damage someone’s personal and professional reputation. Not every criminal charge leads to conviction; however, many times a positive outcome hinges on the type of criminal defense presented in court.

There are usually several options regarding what type of defense to pursue when facing criminal charges. For someone with no background in criminal law, however, determining which option is the most viable in a particular situation may be quite challenging. For this and many other reasons, most defendants rely on experienced criminal defense guidance throughout their adjudication processes.

Sometimes, a defendant admits a portion or all of the charges against him or her. Other times, people use alibis as evidence that they could not possibly have committed the crimes for which they stand accused because they have proof that they were in other locations at the times the crimes occurred. There are also situations where defendants will admit to a certain action, such as physical assault, but offer an explanation as to why it occurred, such as when someone has acted in self-defense.

Witness credibility and also prosecution tactics typically bear significant impact on which types of criminal defense strategies most increase a particular defendant’s chances of avoiding conviction. In some cases, strategies may change throughout proceedings. Any Louisiana resident who is unsure what type of strategy to use to fight against criminal charges may consult with an attorney who has successfully represented others in similar situations.

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