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Criminal defense assistance may be sought even without charges

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

When a Louisiana resident becomes aware that he or she is suspected of illegal activity and is the subject of a police investigation, it is typically a good time to seek legal support. A criminal defense attorney can be contacted long before any charges are filed. This may be what three people who were apprehended in a recent drug raid may decide to do as all were arrested but do not yet face formal criminal charges.

The situation unfolded when police searched the home of one of the suspects. Shortly thereafter, a military bomb squad was called to the scene. This is because investigators who were searching the premises say they found part of a military ordnance inside the home.

The area was immediately secured and a special task force was enlisted to help determine whether the ordnance was live. In the meantime, two women and one man were taken into police custody. A narcotics task force remained ongoing in its investigation and search of the property while the bomb squad focused on removing the suspected military ordnance from the premises.

A Louisiana criminal defense attorney can provide valuable counsel and guidance during a police investigation. It is often something a suspect says or does during questioning that is later used to incriminate him or her in court. By connecting with an experienced attorney early on, even before any charges are filed, a suspect can protect his or her rights and begin building a strong defense should a particular situation ultimately lead to formal charges.

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