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Man’s criminal defense situation exacerbated by alleged escape

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

A string of incidents occurred recently in Louisiana that landed at least eight people behind bars. One of those arrested seems to have made his own criminal defense situation worse by allegedly trying to run away from police before and after he had already been apprehended. The first time, police reportedly caught up to the man with the help of K-9 units. The residence that was the central focus of the investigation is said to belong to the man’s father.

The initial situation began to unfold when police received complaints about the residence and apparently began to keep a closer eye on it. They say they suspected that illegal drug activity was occurring inside the home. At  some point, officers searched a vehicle of a couple of people who had recently been to the home.

The search led to two separate arrests. Later, Louisiana police wound up searching the home itself and made several more arrests in the process. Investigators say they found substantial amounts of drugs and drug paraphernalia in the home, as well as in the vehicle they searched earlier.

In this situation, those arrested face charges for property damage, criminal trespass, theft and drug-related crimes as well. All in all, eight people are likely focused on preparing strong criminal defense arguments to present in court. Most people facing such situations in Louisiana rely on experienced defense attorneys to do their talking for them. Such representation often helps to secure as positive an outcome as possible in a given situation.

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