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Will those arrested present strong enough criminal defense?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

When Louisiana police arrest someone and the process leads to formal criminal charges, the following weeks and months may be filled with court appointments and meetings with lawyers. A key factor to avoiding conviction often lies in the type of criminal defense presented in court. With regard to a recent situation where nine people were arrested at a trailer park, it remains to be seen whether some or all will successfully avoid conviction.

Representatives of a local sheriff’s department say the arrests were the culmination of an ongoing drug investigation in a particular parish. On a recent Friday, several search warrants were reportedly served at various residences inside a trailer park. The searches were supposedly prompted by multiple complaints from citizens in the area suggesting possible illegal drug activity at the trailer-home facility.

Investigators claim they found methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and other controlled substances during their searches. They also say they took cash into custody that they believe was acquired through illegal drug sales. Those arrested on the premises range in ages from 25 to 61. Several other people were issued misdemeanor summonses associated with the drug investigation.

Each person arrested will have the chance to assert a criminal defense against any and all charges. Most Louisiana residents facing such challenges rely on experienced and aggressive legal representation in court. Doing so typically increases one’s chances for obtaining as positive an outcome as possible. In fact, a person need not wait until formal charges have been filed to seek legal assistance; as soon as one becomes aware that he or she is the subject of a police investigation, a request for legal help is appropriate.

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