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Key factors to successful criminal defense

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Louisiana is definitely no small matter. Especially if it is not the first time you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in this state, the outcome of your situation may impact the rest of your life. Depending on the circumstances, avoiding conviction and minimizing long-term consequences of a particular incident may be quite challenging. Successful outcomes often hinge on aggressive criminal defense.

If you plan to hire an attorney to represent you in court, it’s typically best to do so as early as possible. In fact, many people request the presence of an attorney even before formal charges have been filed, for instance, if a police officer has asked them to step out of their vehicle and wants to know if they’ve been drinking alcohol. Such situations may not seem so frightening if you have someone to speak on your behalf who is well versed in criminal law.

It’s crucial to remember that being charged with a crime is no constitution of guilt. Any number of things could play out in your favor in court to help you avoid conviction and mitigate your circumstances. Some cases wind up getting dismissed altogether, often times when a defense attorney challenges proffered evidence on grounds that a defendant’s rights have been violated.

Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.P., in Louisiana, provides criminal defense services based on 30 years of experience. Our legal team is fully prepared to help you explore any and all available options to assist you in building the strongest defense possible. You are guaranteed the right to fight the charges against you, and our attorneys are equipped and ready to help you do so.

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