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What type of criminal defense works best to fight drug charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

It’s logical to assume that one of the last ways most Louisiana residents want to start their new year is by facing serious drug charges in court. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, merely being charged with a drug crime can cause great harm to a person’s reputation and standing in a community. There are at least four people (and likely many more) who clearly understand this as they prepare to defend themselves regarding their recent arrests.

A reported drug bust went down on a recent Wednesday. Law enforcement agents from various Louisiana departments were apparently combining efforts to serve three separate arrest warrants. While doing so, officers wound up arresting four, not three, people. The defendants range in ages from 19 to 44.

One of the most serious charges filed against the four is illegal use of drugs with a minor present. They are all also facing several other charges, including illegal use of U.S. currency, possession of codeine and marijuana as well as illegal possession of weapons. Police say they found approximately 200 or more grams of marijuana on the premises.

Determining which type of criminal defense strategy poses the greatest chance of avoiding conviction is usually best left to an experienced defense attorney. Every Louisiana defendant is guaranteed the right to retain support from an attorney before the adjudication process begins. An attorney is a strong asset to have on hand even in situations where the likelihood of conviction is great. Aggressive advocacy on behalf of a defendant can help mitigate circumstances as much as possible.

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