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Elder law incident leads to arrest of two nursing home workers

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Elder Law |

When elderly parents of adult children in Louisiana live in nursing homes, it’s not uncommon for those children to worry whether their loved ones are receiving proper care from staff members. It’s not possible for an adult child to be with his or her parent 24/7, which is often a key factor that necessitates assisted living arrangements to begin with. When elder law problems arise involving substandard care or abuse in nursing homes, it can be very emotionally upsetting for all involved.

An incident in another state began when family members of an 89-year-old installed a secret surveillance camera in his room because they were concerned about the quality of care he was receiving in the nursing home where he lived. The family later said footage on films taken in their loved one’s room shows two women physically and mentally abusing the man. They reported the alleged incidents to nursing home officials, who then called police in to investigate the situation.

Police later confirmed that surveillance films show what appears to be two nursing home workers rough-handling the man and issuing verbal threats against him. One video clip reportedly shows one of the women hitting the man in the mouth to push his dentures back in after they had slipped out of place while eating. The man in question was apparently recovering from pneumonia and needed extra assistance for eating and personal hygiene.

Following the police investigation, the two women were arrested and charged with elder abuse. Sadly, this elder law issue is not uncommon in Louisiana or throughout the nation. The man in this situation later passed away; however, he is said to have died from natural causes.

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