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Need elder law support regarding nursing home abuse incident?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Elder Law |

A family in another state is currently navigating the litigation process regarding a situation involving an elderly member of the family who was living in a particular nursing home at the time. The elder law situation pertains to injuries the patient suffered that his family believes were caused by physical abuse. One family member has produced video footage evidence to help substantiate his claim. Louisiana residents with family members in nursing homes may want to follow this case.

The situation began when the elderly man’s son noticed unexplained bruises on his father’s body. He wanted to see what was happening in his father’s room when he was not there visiting him, so he installed a camera that looked like an alarm clock in the room. The man said he was absolutely horrified when he reviewed the surveillance videos and witnessed workers abusing his father.

The surveillance films reportedly show a staff member being extremely physically rough with the patient and also screaming obscenities at him before tossing him onto his bed. Other film evidence supposedly shows workers standing by doing nothing while the patient slips out of his wheelchair and falls to the floor. Family members have filed a lawsuit, stating they want those responsible for the elderly man’s injuries to be held legally accountable for their actions.

The elderly man’s son also stated that he hopes his video evidence will help protect others from similar abuse in the future. An elder law attorney is a good asset to have on hand when planning to enter litigation regarding nursing home abuse. Many Louisiana residents who have filed similar lawsuits in the past have later said acting alongside experienced legal representation helped them gain favorable outcomes in court.

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