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When elder law and assisted living issues intersect

Protecting the rights and safety of aging loved ones can be a daunting challenge. Seeking clarification of elder law issues in Louisiana before choosing an assisted living facility may help avoid major problems. Sadly, legal complications often arise after a senior has already moved into an assisted living center, including many situations involving neglect or abuse.  

Did you answer questions without knowing your Miranda rights?

When police stopped your vehicle, came to your home or took other action due to the belief that you committed a crime. You may have begun to panic. Your mind may have started reeling, wondering what could have caused you to become a suspect, what the accusations even mean and what you should do about your arrest.

Strong criminal defense may help avoid similar outcomes

A woman in Louisiana who worked in an accounting department for an oil company was recently sentenced in federal court. A U.S. District Court judge accepted the woman's guilty plea on two counts of electronic wire fraud. The judge informed the woman she'd be spending the next several years in jail. While conviction is not the outcome any defendant hopes for, it also does not necessarily mean the end to one's criminal defense; in fact, if legal problems arise with regard to satisfying a criminal sentence, it is best to act alongside experienced guidance to try to resolve them.

Set up a strong support network to fight drunk driving charges

Although one always hopes to be able to mitigate such circumstances, there's no way of knowing how an alcohol-related arrest following a Louisiana traffic stop will turn out. In fact, such situations often get a lot worse before they get better. For most people, simply having to call home to inform loved ones of a drunk driving arrest is emotionally devastating.  

Man recently released from jail needs criminal defense again

The federal government says a man has been locked up in a Louisiana jail cell because he committed tax fraud. It's a complicated situation that involves the man's parents and his girlfriends as well. A tax revenue official told reporters the agency is unsure if the man has secured criminal defense representation to help him try to avoid conviction. 

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