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Set up a strong support network to fight drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Although one always hopes to be able to mitigate such circumstances, there’s no way of knowing how an alcohol-related arrest following a Louisiana traffic stop will turn out. In fact, such situations often get a lot worse before they get better. For most people, simply having to call home to inform loved ones of a drunk driving arrest is emotionally devastating.  

It’s often possible to avoid conviction when drunk driving charges have been filed. Success often depends on the type of defense strategy the accused implements in court. There are even situations where charges are dismissed before ever going to trial; often, this is because a defendant is able to prove that his or her rights were violated during the arrest or search and seizure process.  

Do you know your rights well enough to defend them without assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney? The court takes many factors into consideration when hearing arguments in a drunk driving case, including whether you have any past convictions on your record. By acting alongside experienced guidance, you can seek clarification of the laws that affect your case as well as determine which defense options are most likely to result in a positive outcome. 

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.P., we can help you protect your rights and maximize a defense strategy to increase the chances of preserving your freedom. Remember that you are presumed innocent unless prosecutors prove otherwise in court.  If you hope to minimize the long-lasting implications that drunk driving charges may have on your personal and professional life in Louisiana, you might consider reaching out to our experienced legal team for support.  

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