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Louisiana woman likely weighing criminal defense options

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Many medical professionals and scientists say synthetic cannabinoids, sometimes referred to as “fake marijuana,” are more dangerous than natural marijuana. This drug is derived from manufactured chemicals and is often smoked when sprayed on shredded plant materials or used in the form of oils that are placed in electronic smoking devices. A Louisiana woman is now in need of a strong criminal defense after police claim they found synthetic marijuana and other narcotics in her home.  

Law enforcement agents supposedly showed up the woman’s residence with a warrant to conduct a search. They entered her home, then said they found various narcotic drugs worth approximately $5,000 on the street. Authorities also say the investigating officers took a revolver into custody from the woman’s home.  

One of the charges the woman now faces is illegal possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled substances. The charges against her involve Schedule I, II, III and IV drugs, including possession and possession with intent to distribute. She was arrested after the search and was booked into a city jail.  

While not all drug charges lead to convictions in Louisiana (or any other state), avoiding such rulings can be quite challenging and best left to someone well-versed in criminal law. This is why most defendants immediately request criminal defense assistance immediately after an arrest. In fact, some do so even before an arrest has taken place as no one subject to a drug investigation has to answer interrogation questions without legal representation present.

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