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Louisiana police arrest UPS delivery woman for drunk driving

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Delivering all of Louisiana’s online-shopping packages can be a stressful job that requires careful attention to the road and task at hand. Louisiana police claim that one delivery woman shirked those duties and instead delivered packages while under the influence of alcohol. She was arrested for drunk driving and drug possession. 

A witness allegedly saw the 27-year-old UPS driver engaging in erratic behavior behind the wheel of her delivery truck, including swerving and apparently driving left of the center line of traffic. Authorities eventually caught up with the woman and initiated a traffic stop, during which they became suspicious that she might have been intoxicated. They asked if she would engage in field sobriety testing, to which she supposedly agreed. However, police say she did not perform well and they arrested her. 

Attending officers apparently discovered loose hydrocodone pills during a search of her person, and charged her with possession as well. It was later noted that the driver had originally been fired a few weeks prior to her arrest. Although the reasons for that firing were not clear, records indicate she had been accused of stealing some of the packages she was tasked with delivering. Union influence had helped her secure a return to her position as a delivery driver. 

A drunk driving charge can be terrifying for people who rely on their driving privileges to work. Requesting an administrative hearing can help Louisiana defendants retain those privileges even as they continue through the criminal court process. However, there are strict timelines for requesting a hearing, so those facing these circumstances should be sure to take timely action after their arrest, which may include consulting with an experienced attorney who understands the necessary procedures. 

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