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Off-duty officer arrested for 3rd drunk driving offense

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

A Louisiana officer was recently arrested for the second time in four months. Authorities say that he was under the influence of alcohol when he caused an accident. He was charged with drunk driving, which is his third time facing such an offense. Although even first time DWI charges are serious, subsequent arrests can have serious implications for Lake Charles defendants. 

Police say the driver caused the accident when he tried to make a U-turn in an intersection. One of the officers who responded to the scene of the accident said the off-duty driver smelled of alcohol and exhibited typical signs of intoxication, including slurred speech and red eyes. The driver apparently admitted to drinking a single alcoholic beverage at a restaurant, but his blood-alcohol content registered as .245 percent through a Breathalyzer. 

He was previously arrested for a DWI back in April 2018 when police found him asleep at the wheel of his vehicle. At the time he performed poorly on field sobriety tests and then registered a .222 percent BAC, which was also determined through the use of a Breathalyzer. His first DWI arrest was in 2015. 

With each arrest for a suspected DWI, the potential consequences grow larger. Lake Charles defendants can potentially go to jail, fork out hefty fines and lose their driving privileges for significant periods of time. Timely and careful action is often a must with these types of charges, as drunk driving allegations move much quicker than other criminal offenses, and those who hope to retain their driving privileges often choose to work alongside experienced legal counsel who can help them navigate the administrative hearing and criminal court processes. 

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