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Criminal defense: Assistant principal arrested for DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

In what likely came as a troubling twist to parents and employees at a Louisiana school, an administrator was arrested for drunk driving during the school’s alcohol awareness week. Accused of being nearly three-times the legal .08 percent for driving, the assistant principal was actually arrested after arriving at the school where she works. It is unclear if she has any criminal defense plans as of yet, but many defendants in these types of situations choose to take an early approach to the matter.

The morning of her arrest, police received reports of a woman driving dangerously on Highway 70. An officer was waiting for the woman’s arrival at the school, where she was detained and then arrested before being transported to an area police station. Authorities ultimately determined that the driver’s BAC — blood-alcohol content — was at .224 percent.

She is charged with both careless operation and DWI. Parents have since expressed concern that they were not notified of the assistant principal’s arrest, especially as it came during the school’s annual Red Ribbon week, which is meant to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse. It is also unclear how her position at the school stands.

Drunk driving charges often have long-reaching implications that fall outside of the legal sphere, such as losing their jobs or missing out on valuable educational opportunities. Many Louisiana defendants are also surprised to learn that they could lose their driving privileges without ever being convicted. As such, a timely approach to criminal defense planning is often key in minimizing these types of consequences.

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