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Driver, passenger facing criminal charges after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Two individuals were recently arrested on drug-related charges. Louisiana police say the arrests came shortly after an officer initiated a traffic stop for allegedly dangerous driving. They are both facing criminal charges for possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute, conspiring to distribute and obstructing justice. These are serious criminal matters which have the potential to severely impact the lives of Lake Charles defendants.

Police officers initially spotted the vehicle as it was headed east on I-20, noting that the driver appeared to be having trouble maintaining his lane. During the traffic stop, police claim that the 43-year-old driver would not make eye contact and appeared as if he were very nervous. When asked to exit the vehicle, he allegedly urinated on himself. There was also a 42-year-old female passenger in his car at the time of the stop.

After obtaining permission to search his vehicle, police say they found around 7,500 doses of ecstasy. Field testing allegedly came back positive for methamphetamine, and both the driver and his passenger were arrested. The passenger was later spotted trying to conceal two bags containing ecstasy pills as she exited the police vehicle, and a subsequent search supposedly turned up marijuana on her person. The driver’s bond was set at $135,400 while his passenger’s was set to $127,750.

Lake Charles defendants generally understand just how much is on the line when they are facing serious criminal charges. In addition to potential jail time and steep fines, those who are actually convicted also tend to lose out on important employment opportunities. Minimizing this type of impact is often essential, and securing the best possible outcome often starts with a careful and thorough review of all charges and evidence while working alongside an experienced counsel.

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