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3 face criminal charges for alleged drug possession

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Three Louisiana residents were recently arrested for allegedly possessing and selling illegal substances out of their home. All three are facing criminal charges for possessing a Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substance — CDS — with intent to distribute, possessing a Schedule II CDS with intent to distribute and possessing drug paraphernalia. Police say they were executing a search warrant just prior to the arrests.

Agents with the local police’s narcotics enforcement division were the ones responsible for executing the search warrant at the three people’s apartment. It is not clear what events led up to the decision that a warrant was needed. Once inside, authorities allegedly found two men and a woman, baggies commonly used when selling illegal substances, scales, paraphernalia and a number of various drugs. These include hydrocodone, Vicodin and marijuana.

The residents of the apartment were supposedly also selling food items to neighborhood children. Food items such as candy, drinks and chips were found on the same table as the drugs. It is not clear if this will factor into any possible future charges that these three individuals might face.

When facing criminal charges, it is usually a good idea to begin working on a defense plan as early on in the process as possible. This usually involves thoroughly reviewing all charges, evidence and other related information. While it can be hard to focus on these planning efforts during what is probably an overwhelming and confusing experience, doing so may help some defendants in Louisiana achieve the best outcomes possible for their unique situations.

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