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Business owner faces criminal charges

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Social media is much more than just a distraction or way to waste time on the internet. Using social media is now an everyday part of people’s lives in Lake Charles, and they use it to share pictures, news and details about their personal lives. It can be hard to avoid oversharing with all of this information. However, police claim that one man may have shared a little too much in one of his social media posts, which they then shared with the public after filing criminal charges.

An undercover police officer allegedly bought an ounce of heroin from the man in question. Police continued their investigation into the local business owner following the arrest. They were able to secure two different search warrants, one for the man’s home and another for his automotive shop.

Police say that they discovered and seized several items from both properties, including nearly $33,000 in cash and a stolen vehicle. Drug paraphernalia in the form of a kilo press and multiple scales with residue from heroin were also found. The officers say they also seized two stolen handguns and several high capacity magazines. Shortly after his arrest, police shared several photos of the defendant as well as related evidence. Among those was a photo of him holding an armful of cash in front of an expensive vehicle.

He is facing numerous criminal charges, including distribution of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Although his bond is set at $125,000 for his drug charges, he is currently unable to post it because of various bench warrants. Dealing with these types of situations can be overwhelming, but speaking with an experienced attorney can be helpful for many defendants in Lake Charles.

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