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Criminal defense: Attempted church theft leads to arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man for what they believe was an attempt at a theft. He is charged with resisting an officer as well as simple burglary of a religious building. A judge set his bond at $9,000. He also has multiple prior arrests. Lake Charles defendants who are facing new charges after past arrests should be sure to consider the implications of such when working on their criminal defense plans.

A witness to the alleged incident was apparently driving when he or she saw that there were lights on inside of the church. It is unclear what relationship this person might have with the church or why noticing that lights were on might have been a cause for concern. The witness stopped and entered the church, at which point he or she spotted a man who was moving various items. The man then left by running through a back door and the witness called police.

The officers who responded to the church said that some of the church’s sound equipment had been moved from a closet and stacked by the back door. They then used a K-9 unit to help track down the suspect, who was located inside a nearby trash can. He initially fled authorities, but the K-9 unit was able to stop him.

The defendant told police that he had only been inside of the church to look for somewhere safe to sleep since he is homeless. Still, the charges that he is currently facing can have serious consequences, and thoroughly preparing a strong criminal defense is important. Louisiana criminal law can be complicated though, so defendants living in Lake Charles might want to consider how working with an experienced attorney could help.

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