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Criminal defense: former police officer charged for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

A former Louisiana police corporal is accused of being involved with the distribution of an illegal substance during off-duty hours. Following a brief investigation, he was arrested by police in his area, as well as Lake Charles authorities, and charged with multiple drug-related offenses. Since a judge set his bond at $257,000, he might choose to use his time in police custody to explore his options for a strong criminal defense.

In early Nov. 2019, an unidentified person tipped off police to possible drug activity involving an officer. According to the tip, the 39-year-old Senior Corporal was using his time off duty to use and distribute crystal meth. The Combined Anti-Drug Team — CAT — launched an investigation into the accusations.

When the team of detectives allegedly corroborated the tip, they were able to get a warrant for the man’s arrest. Members of both the CAT and the Lake Charles SWAT team showed up at his home for the arrest. His home was also searched, and authorities claim they discovered crystal meth and various drug paraphernalia. He was then booked into an area facility and charged for possessing a Schedule II drug, possessing drug paraphernalia and malfeasance in office.

Following his arrest, he was fired from his position after working in the police force for a decade. Losing a job and missing out on other employment opportunities are just two examples of the consequences that defendants in Louisiana must deal with in their daily lives. Minimizing these and possible criminal consequences — such as jail time — is a priority for most people, which means that focusing on criminal defense planning is a good idea.

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