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Lake Charles couple facing multiple criminal charges

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Two Lake Charles residents accused of illegally possessing multiple firearms are also accused of committing multiple burglaries. The man and woman were both arrested on multiple criminal charges, including possession of a stolen firearm and drug possession. A judge has yet to set bond for either person, and authorities say that they expect to file more charges soon.

Following an investigation into multiple vehicle burglaries, police suspected that the 34-year-old woman and 39-year-old man were somehow involved. Authorities were able to obtain a search warrant for the couple’s residence. The execution of that warrant was a group effort carried out by the Anti-Crime and Tactical Team, the Sheriff’s Office and the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force.

These law enforcement officials allegedly found a number of firearms, including seven pistols and three AR-15s. Authorities claim that at least two of those pistols were stolen. Promethazine — a prescription drug — was also found on the property. It is not clear if police actually identified any items that were related to the vehicle burglaries they were originally investigating.

Both defendants are facing serious criminal charges and may face many years behind bars if convicted. Most defendants in Lake Charles want to avoid spending any length of time in jail. Because each person’s situation is different, there is more than one way to achieve the best possible outcome. For example, some defendants find that their best option is negotiating a plea deal in exchange for lesser charges. Others find success by fighting their charges to the fullest extent throughout criminal court proceedings.

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