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Facing criminal charges, former chief skips first day of trial

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A former Louisiana police chief could possibly face even more legal trouble after he failed to show up on the first day of his trial. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest, but authorities say that he has yet to turn himself in. Local police officials also say that they have not received the warrant yet. Those who are facing criminal charges in Lake Charles and who also have warrants out for their arrest will likely benefit by discussing the matter with an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. 

Around Sept. 2017, a complaint about the former police chief possibly stealing funds from his department prompted an investigation. The Louisiana State Police helped out in that investigation. When asked about records or receipts for approximately $19,000 he had spent, the chief apparently could not provide any type of documentation.

Investigators concluded that he had likely spent $7,000 for his own personal expenses. He was then arrested and charged with malfeasance of office as well as theft of more than $5,000. He pleaded not guilty soon after, but his trial was repeatedly delayed for around two years. The trial was finally scheduled to start on Jan. 13, 2020, but he did not show up.

Confronting difficult situations can be hard, and sometimes it feels easier to just pretend like nothing is going on. However, when it comes to criminal charges, defendants in Lake Charles cannot look away and simply hope for the best. This is why some people choose to work with experienced attorneys may be able to provide valuable guidance throughout the process.

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