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Father facing criminal charges for obscene language

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A father claims that police in Louisiana arrested him for disciplining his young son. Authorities deny that this was the case and instead say that he was disturbing the peace, for which he is facing criminal charges. He is also charged with using obscene language for using curse words when speaking with his child.

The father says that everything started when he and his wife went to Walmart with their children one evening. After he parked the family’s vehicle, his 4-year-old son almost hit a truck when opening the door. The dad cursed when he told his son to not open the door like that. However, a police officer was in the truck at the time, and he told the father that he could not curse in public or talk to his child in such a manner. The father replied that the officer was not in a position to tell him how to speak to his son.

The family then went into Walmart, and when they left there were several police officers waiting. Multiple videos depict the father and the original officer who was in the truck in a tense exchange with one another. That exchange ultimately led to his arrest, although he was later released after posting bond.

Most Louisiana parents are just doing the best they can. But while virtually all parents have moments when they are not at their best, those moments do not typically lead to criminal charges. For those who do find themselves in this type of situation, securing the most favorable outcome possible often starts with a proactive approach to criminal defense planning.

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