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Father facing criminal charges for obscene language

A father claims that police in Louisiana arrested him for disciplining his young son. Authorities deny that this was the case and instead say that he was disturbing the peace, for which he is facing criminal charges. He is also charged with using obscene language for using curse words when speaking with his child.

Criminal defense: 18-year-old charged with murder

Movies and TV shows often portray the criminal court system as a fast-paced environment where defendants are arrested, charged and then shuffled into court for judgment in only a matter of days. Things are different in real life. Even if someone is arrested, he or she might not be indicted on charges until months later, which can make crafting a criminal defense complicated. This is the situation that one young man in Lake Charles is currently facing.

High-speed chase ends with criminal charges

A recent high-speed chase ended in an accident and one man's arrest. Louisiana police booked him into an area facility on multiple criminal charges, including no safety helmet, improper lane usage and reckless operation. A judge set a bond of $102,500, which he has yet to post.

Facing criminal charges, former chief skips first day of trial

A former Louisiana police chief could possibly face even more legal trouble after he failed to show up on the first day of his trial. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest, but authorities say that he has yet to turn himself in. Local police officials also say that they have not received the warrant yet. Those who are facing criminal charges in Lake Charles and who also have warrants out for their arrest will likely benefit by discussing the matter with an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. 

Police arrest man for burglary, other criminal charges

Louisiana authorities arrested three people believed to be involved in two separate burglaries. Two of the three are teenagers, and as such authorities have not disclosed the girls' names or charges. The other individual is an adult male who is facing several criminal charges, including two counts of simple burglary. A judge set his bond at $190,650.

Lake Charles couple facing multiple criminal charges

Two Lake Charles residents accused of illegally possessing multiple firearms are also accused of committing multiple burglaries. The man and woman were both arrested on multiple criminal charges, including possession of a stolen firearm and drug possession. A judge has yet to set bond for either person, and authorities say that they expect to file more charges soon.

Criminal defense: former police officer charged for drug crimes

A former Louisiana police corporal is accused of being involved with the distribution of an illegal substance during off-duty hours. Following a brief investigation, he was arrested by police in his area, as well as Lake Charles authorities, and charged with multiple drug-related offenses. Since a judge set his bond at $257,000, he might choose to use his time in police custody to explore his options for a strong criminal defense.

Police file criminal charges against Lake Charles father

Today's parents are usually under much more scrutiny than parents who were raising their kids in past decades. Many Louisiana parents worry about how their actions will be perceived on social media and other areas of the internet. In some cases, a parent's actions might even lead to criminal charges.

Criminal defense: Lake Charles man charged with homicide

A Lake Charles man was recently arrested for his alleged role in a recent homicide. Police charged the man with second-degree murder. He is currently still in police custody and has not yet posted his $300,000 bond. Facing serious charges while being unable to post bond can feel especially distressing, but it can help to use that time thinking about possible criminal defense options.

Criminal defense: Attempted church theft leads to arrest

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man for what they believe was an attempt at a theft. He is charged with resisting an officer as well as simple burglary of a religious building. A judge set his bond at $9,000. He also has multiple prior arrests. Lake Charles defendants who are facing new charges after past arrests should be sure to consider the implications of such when working on their criminal defense plans.

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