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Criminal defense: Man facing hundreds of criminal counts

A 60-year-old man is in police custody for allegedly possessing and distributing significant amounts of prescription drugs. His arrest came from an ongoing investigation into suspected drug activity in the area, which has so far yielded 53 warrants and 221 felony charges. Consequences for felony drug charges are severe, and minimizing the impact often requires a more intensive criminal defense approach for people in Lake Charles.

Louisiana woman likely weighing criminal defense options

Many medical professionals and scientists say synthetic cannabinoids, sometimes referred to as "fake marijuana," are more dangerous than natural marijuana. This drug is derived from manufactured chemicals and is often smoked when sprayed on shredded plant materials or used in the form of oils that are placed in electronic smoking devices. A Louisiana woman is now in need of a strong criminal defense after police claim they found synthetic marijuana and other narcotics in her home.  

Strong criminal defense may help avoid similar outcomes

A woman in Louisiana who worked in an accounting department for an oil company was recently sentenced in federal court. A U.S. District Court judge accepted the woman's guilty plea on two counts of electronic wire fraud. The judge informed the woman she'd be spending the next several years in jail. While conviction is not the outcome any defendant hopes for, it also does not necessarily mean the end to one's criminal defense; in fact, if legal problems arise with regard to satisfying a criminal sentence, it is best to act alongside experienced guidance to try to resolve them.

Man recently released from jail needs criminal defense again

The federal government says a man has been locked up in a Louisiana jail cell because he committed tax fraud. It's a complicated situation that involves the man's parents and his girlfriends as well. A tax revenue official told reporters the agency is unsure if the man has secured criminal defense representation to help him try to avoid conviction. 

Civilian complaint led to need for criminal defense in Louisiana

An unidentified person is said to have called in a complaint to Louisiana police regarding suspected illegal drug activity in a particular parish. The situation unfolded into a narcotics investigation and subsequent need for criminal defense for several people. Each of those arrested is guaranteed the right to an attorney and the opportunity to present a meaningful defense.

Louisiana card game leaves 2 preparing criminal defense

Many people in Louisiana enjoy spending time in card rooms. In a casino near New Orleans, a round of cards ended with casino and state police investigators reviewing video surveillance of the game. Following their review, they accused the dealer and a player of cheating. This is now an active case in the criminal justice system where both men are likely focused on preparing a criminal defense.

What type of criminal defense works best to fight drug charges?

It's logical to assume that one of the last ways most Louisiana residents want to start their new year is by facing serious drug charges in court. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, merely being charged with a drug crime can cause great harm to a person's reputation and standing in a community. There are at least four people (and likely many more) who clearly understand this as they prepare to defend themselves regarding their recent arrests.

Key factors to successful criminal defense

Facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Louisiana is definitely no small matter. Especially if it is not the first time you've been arrested and charged with a crime in this state, the outcome of your situation may impact the rest of your life. Depending on the circumstances, avoiding conviction and minimizing long-term consequences of a particular incident may be quite challenging. Successful outcomes often hinge on aggressive criminal defense.

Bourbon Street visit leads to need for criminal defense

Louisiana is a high traffic tourist area, especially during Mardi Gras and New Years. Not all visits to the area go smoothly, however. This appears evident in the case of one man who wound up needing a criminal defense after managers of a particular business asked him to vacate the premises, but he supposedly refused and wound up being searched and charged with drug crimes.

Criminal defense will likely be key factor for woman charged

A man in Louisiana was shot several times by a police officer. In fact, one account of the incident is that the officer shot at the man at least six times, with three bullets hitting him. The man did not survive his injuries, and his girlfriend has been arrested and will likely need a strong criminal defense to fight the charge of attempted first-degree murder leveled against her in conjunction with the incident.

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