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Driver faces drunk driving charges after fleeing scene of wreck

Louisiana police recently arrested a man they claim fled the scene of a pedestrian accident. The man in question is charged with a first offense for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit and run, careless operation, and more. These types of drunk driving allegations can be quite serious, and anyone in Lake Charles who is facing similar charges would be well advised to seek guidance where necessary.

Truck driver flees crash, charged with drunk driving

A recent single-vehicle wreck led Louisiana police to make an arrest. The driver accused of drunk driving did not appear to be injured in the wreck. He is facing several criminal charges, including a hit and run and weight restriction charges on top of a first offense DWI. For Lake Charles residents facing similar charges, the potential effects of a criminal conviction can be devastating. 

Louisiana man arrested for 5th drunk driving offense

A Louisiana man is currently behind bars for multiple criminal allegations. Among his charges is a fifth-offense drunk driving count, although it is not clear if he was ever convicted for his past arrests. Drunk driving charges are serious enough as is, but arrests for subsequent offenses can be especially difficult for Lake Charles drivers.

Drunk driving charges filed against man on lawn mower

Louisiana treats any suspicion of intoxication behind the wheel very seriously, and those accused of such face considerable consequences. However, drivers do not necessarily have to be inside of a car, truck or SUV to be charged with drunk driving. For one man, sitting behind the wheel of a riding lawn mower was enough for charges to be filed against him.

Don't underestimate negative consequences of drunk driving arrest

You may think that getting pulled over and charged with DUI in Louisiana may not be so big a deal if you only had a couple drinks and are certain you weren't stumbling all over the place or slurring your speech. The problem is that situations like this may appear to be cut and dried and, for the most part, easily resolvable. However, if the arresting officer says you performed poorly on a field sobriety test or chemical test results don't turn out in your favor, not only might you face a serious legal challenge, your freedom may be at risk if the court hands down a conviction.  

Set up a strong support network to fight drunk driving charges

Although one always hopes to be able to mitigate such circumstances, there's no way of knowing how an alcohol-related arrest following a Louisiana traffic stop will turn out. In fact, such situations often get a lot worse before they get better. For most people, simply having to call home to inform loved ones of a drunk driving arrest is emotionally devastating.  

Drunk driving in Louisiana meets new Facebook campaign

Police in one Louisiana town are trying a new approach to discourage impaired driving. In addition to jail time and fines, people arrested for drunk driving may now face a new consequence: Facebook shame. Police reportedly hope to discourage potential offenders by announcing DWI arrests on the social media platform each week.

Don't get stuck in a drunk driving predicament

It is every driver's responsibility to know the laws in the state where he or she is driving. It's also a good idea to become familiar with information regarding alcohol consumption and how it can affect different people in different ways. Arming oneself with appropriate information before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Louisiana may be the best means for avoiding a drunk driving conviction.

Freedom at risk for Louisiana woman re drunk driving charge

A 36-year-old woman in Louisiana is facing serious criminal charges following a recent motor vehicle collision that resulted in multiple fatalities on Christmas Eve. The woman was reportedly driving one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Police claim the crash was caused by drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges do not necessarily lead to conviction

If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Louisiana or any other state, you must be given full due process of the law. Any violation of personal rights or faulty evidence may either play in your favor at trial or result in a complete dismissal of your case by the court. Drunk driving convictions, in particular, can carry severe penalties; therefore, knowing your rights and how to access support to obtain help in fighting against such charges may increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

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