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Louisiana man faces his 11th drunk driving charge

First-time offenses, in general, are treated less seriously than second, third or even fourth offenses. People in Lake Charles who have faced multiple drunk driving offenses probably already know this. However, one Louisiana man could be dealing with far more serious consequences following his most recent DWI arrest.

Traffic stop leaves 1 facing drunk driving charges in Louisiana

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful and harrowing experience under any circumstance. Upon encountering a similar scenario, the average person may also lack the necessary legal experience to know how best to handle the situation. A 32-year-old man is reportedly facing multiple charges after he was accused of drunk driving during a recent traffic stop in Louisiana.

Driver charged in alleged drunk driving accident

A Louisiana man is facing serious charges related to a fatal bicycle accident. Accused of drunk driving, he is also charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular injury, vehicular negligent injuring and hit-and-run driving. Police believe that his blood-alcohol content was above the legal limit at the time of the accident.

2 drivers charged with drunk driving after deadly wreck

A fatal accident led to the recent arrest of a both a Louisiana man and woman. According to police, two drivers may have been under the influence of alcohol when they were involved in the deadly wreck. One driver, a woman, is now facing multiple drunk driving charges, including a third-offense DWI and having an open alcoholic container. The other driver, a man, was charged with a DWI first offense. Since police are still investigating the accident, it is possible that more charges will be filed.

Man faces first offense drunk driving charge despite past charges

When a person has already been convicted of a drunk driving offense, they can generally expect to face steeper criminal consequences the second, third or even fourth time around. These drunk driving offenses usually involve higher fines and longer jail time. However, in some cases, a person might not have to face certain DUI offenses even if they have past arrests or convictions.

Bill seeks to increase consequences for drunk driving charges

Drivers arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated already face significant criminal consequences. Even those who are never convicted can end up losing their licenses and face other consequences in their personal lives. Despite the already steep outcomes that most people accused of drunk driving deal with, Louisiana lawmakers are trying to make things even more difficult.

Police arrest man accused of causing drunk driving wreck

Louisiana police say they arrested a man who allegedly collided with a police cruiser in Lake Charles. Authorities filed multiple charges against the driver, including at least one for drunk driving. The State Police trooper who was involved in the accident did not suffer any serious injuries.

2-vehicle wreck leads to drunk driving charges

Several people were injured in a recent two-vehicle accident. According to Louisiana police, the wreck was caused by a driver who they believe was under the influence of alcohol at the time. He has since been charged for drunk driving in addition to several other offenses. Although it is only his first DWI offense, even a first-time charge can have serious consequences for people in Lake Charles.

Lake Charles police make drunk driving arrest

Criminal allegations of driving while impaired are already serious enough as is, but certain situations might elevate criminal charges. A Louisiana man is currently facing charges his third offense of drunk driving with child endangerment alongside several other charges. In these types of situations, crafting a solid criminal defense strategy can be essential to securing the best possible outcome.

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