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Drunk driving in Louisiana meets new Facebook campaign

Police in one Louisiana town are trying a new approach to discourage impaired driving. In addition to jail time and fines, people arrested for drunk driving may now face a new consequence: Facebook shame. Police reportedly hope to discourage potential offenders by announcing DWI arrests on the social media platform each week.

Don't get stuck in a drunk driving predicament

It is every driver's responsibility to know the laws in the state where he or she is driving. It's also a good idea to become familiar with information regarding alcohol consumption and how it can affect different people in different ways. Arming oneself with appropriate information before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Louisiana may be the best means for avoiding a drunk driving conviction.

Freedom at risk for Louisiana woman re drunk driving charge

A 36-year-old woman in Louisiana is facing serious criminal charges following a recent motor vehicle collision that resulted in multiple fatalities on Christmas Eve. The woman was reportedly driving one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Police claim the crash was caused by drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges do not necessarily lead to conviction

If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Louisiana or any other state, you must be given full due process of the law. Any violation of personal rights or faulty evidence may either play in your favor at trial or result in a complete dismissal of your case by the court. Drunk driving convictions, in particular, can carry severe penalties; therefore, knowing your rights and how to access support to obtain help in fighting against such charges may increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

Man slated to face drunk driving charges in the new year

Louisiana roadways, like most others in the United States, are sometimes scenes of serious automobile collisions. It is not always immediately apparent after an accident what or who may have caused it to occur. In fact, it often takes investigators weeks or months to reach definite conclusions regarding such matters. One situation unfolded in October that led to drunk driving accusations against one man in particular.

Woman in Louisiana facing several legal problems re drunk driving

If a Louisiana resident gets behind the wheel of a car to drive after consuming alcohol, repercussions of that choice may unfold far into the future. One woman has been arrested for drunk driving several times. A case stemming from the second of three arrests was scheduled for trial, but has been continued.

Drunk driving charges can ruin a job, finances and more

People make mistakes and that includes those who drive after consuming alcohol. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, simply being charged with such a Louisiana crime can negatively affect one's life. If police file charges, it means the near future will be filled with court appointments, which may necessitate time off work and other inconveniences.

Drunk driving charges: One way to ruin a weekend

If you get together with your friends on a Saturday night and enjoy a drink or two that happen to contain alcohol, it's not necessarily illegal if you drive home afterward. Whether you're breaking Louisiana law depends on several factors -- one of which is how much alcohol is in your bloodstream when you get behind the wheel. The most obvious way to avoid drunk driving problems in a situation like that would be to completely abstain from alcohol if you plan on driving a car.

Has a drunk driving charge brought your summer fun to a halt?

Many people in Louisiana, no doubt including some in Lake Charles, are winding down their summers, getting ready once again for college or another year of work before the next vacation. It's not uncommon to try to squeeze in as much socializing as possible before the season of rest and relaxation ends and autumn arrives. It's also not uncommon for socializing to include alcohol, which, in certain situations, can bring seasonal fun to an abrupt end if someone gets pulled over for suspected drunk driving on his or her way home.

Man charged with drunk driving after hitting police officer's car

On a recent Monday in Louisiana, an unfortunate incident took place that resulted in one man facing criminal charges. The 29-year-old was accused of drunk driving after his vehicle was reportedly involved in an accident. A police officer was also involved in the incident, and was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering injuries.

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